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RF Expert

Resume Keywords: RF Optimization and Planning ,Network Performance Management

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Muhammad Salman Akbar

To seek challenges of the new technologies in the field of RF Cellular Communication and to exhibit my ability of working as RF optimizer by utilizing my diversified experience, technical knowledge, dynamic & energetic attitude and good communication skills

Having 8 years of experience in RF Optimization ( GSM, WCDMA & LTE) on Multi-Vendor Equipment ( ZTE & Huawei ).Have worked with 6 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) i.e. Mobilink (Pakistan), Zong ( Pakistan) , DU & Etisalat ( United Arab Emirates), Vodacom & Orange ( DRC, Congo , Africa).
Worked on the following types of Projects
NPM ( Network Performance Management)
NPI (Network performance Improvement)

Sep -2015 - Sep-2016 (DRC, Congo, Africa) (Orange) (ZTE) (Huawei MS, Outsourced)
NPM (Network Performance Management) Leader for the MS Project
Transition, Reverse Transition, Transformation and MS (Managed Services) all Phases completed.
RF Department New Hirings
DD ( Due Diligence) Checklist Created and Maintained for the NPM from Transition phase till MS take over and kick-Off
Service Readiness and Mitigation
Gap Analysis in the Network
SLA /KPIs Agreement
Resource Management
Audit , analyze , tuning and monitoring of the network
Vendor Relations
Project Planning and Technical project management
KPI Definition, Measurement and Description
NPM Acceptance Criteria
MOM ( Minutes of Meeting ) for any meeting with the customer
Maintaining Daily , Weekly and Monthly Reports for the Progress and Network performance
NQI Agreement with the Client
Network Improvement Proposals
Customer Complaints handling and Resolution
TT (Trouble Tickets) resolutions within Priorities defined
Governance meetings with the CTO and other Managers of the Customer
Liaising with the Customer and other domains to Troubleshoot and for the Network Improvement and Optimization
Checking the daily and busy hour statistics reports and checking any degraded KPIs below agreed targets.
Day to day Troubleshoot, resolutions and checking the progress of the Teams.
Network rollout strategy
End-to-End QOS management and CEM
Understanding Telco operators and OTTs business models
User behavior analysis
Network evolution strategy
End to end network planning and optimization.
Risk management.
Spare parts data collection from the relevant teams.
Network physical and parametric audit reports.
VIP network complaint handling
Network Planning and Forecasting

July- 2015-Aug 2015 (DRC, Congo, Africa) Worked for Vodacom Project (NPI) (Network Performance Improvement)
3G RF (Radio Frequency) Expert Engineer (Huawei) (Outsourced)

Optimization Recommendations, Work Orders generation and approval from Client & Troubleshooting in UMTS.
Huawei CHR traces and troubleshoot.
Use U2000/M2000/PRS tools to generate KPIs reports.
OSS KPIs optimization.
Optimize Huawei RAN Features/Algorithms.
(R99 / HSPA) Features optimization
UTRAN RAN 15.0, 16.0 Huawei.
Optimization of SHO and HHO problems.
Reducing Pilot Pollution & improving Ec/No.
Investigation Parameters like RSSI, TX power adjustment etc.
HSPA maximum throughput evaluations.
Evaluate & Investigate the Voice Quality (MOS) over the 3G networks through drive test.
Monitor/Report/Compare KPIS for pre/post swap statistics in high technical level.
Extract from Huawei Dump all enabled features & related flags (and hidden flags).
OSS KPIs optimization, Capable of optimizing Cell/NodeB/RNC/SRC levels.
Investigation & Optimization Recommendation & Troubleshooting in UMTS
Monitor the daily and busy hour statistics.
Day to day Troubleshoot, resolutions and checking the progress of the Teams.
Parameters and Physical audit of the network.
Analyze and investigate KPI statistics and log files to improve QOS by parameter tuning

Feb 2014- June 2015 Huawei (Du & Etisalat Project) Modernization Project, Rollout, Swap) (United Arab Emirates (UAE) (2G, 3G and LTE)
Senior RNPO (Radio Network Planning and Optimization) Expert (2G, 3G and LTE) (Huawei Sub Contractor)
Achieve & maintain the Radio Network Performance as per the contracted KPIs (Availability, Accessibility, Retain ability, Mobility, Utilization & Service .Conducting Final acceptance Report by means of statistics and drive test measurements.
Analyzed and generated reports for 2G, 3G and HSPA
Responsible for interference analysis and tested radio performances of the newly integrated sites.
Coordinated with the team in the region to check their performance, capability and on time site submissions with proper log files and complete DT functionality including sites audits.
LTE air interface, Handover procedure, cell search, selection and reselection, IRAT with UMTS/GSM, MIMO ways of transmission SFBC and TX diversity according to UE speed, SINR, Spectrum efficiency and TX/RX correlation.
Analyzing traces and Drive test of the first LTE call, checking MIMO behavior, throughput, SINR, Uplink power over PUSCH.
Optimizing the soft and the hard handovers Optimizing the Call setup Success rate, RRC setup and RAB setup on both CS and PS (Including R99/HS) Optimizing the Packet Switch (Including R99 and HS) and CS drop call rate Working on the congestion problems (UL/DL CE congestion, power, etc) by proposing and implementing the corrective actions
Optimizing the PS and CS IRAT parameters including recommendations on the 2G network parameters
Optimizing the 3G neighbors through OSS data and drive testing Providing a plan to optimize the antennas tilt and orientation based on network statistics analysis and OSS data assessment
Sites checks starting from drive test, statistics and antenna physical parameters characteristics investigating problems reported by client (Customer complaints) and proposing the implementation of corrective actions
Analyzing the interference problems (pilot pollution, RTWP, etc..) in the radio network and proposing/ implementing the corrective actions.
Perform daily audit on the 3G neighbors & IRAT neighbors and general daily cell/RNC level monitoring
Day to day optimization work to enhance the 3G radio network quality by recommending and implementing both soft and hard work orders
Analyzing and Optimizing the 3G parameters on RNC, Node-B, cell and carrier levels
Optimizing the intra-Frequency and the inter-Frequency handovers
Recommend strategy for the following CS Intra-Frequency Handovers and reselection CS reselection CS Inter-Frequency Handovers and reselection PS Intra-Frequency Handovers and reselection PS reselection PS Inter-Frequency Handovers and reselection IRAT strategy and related parameters Neighbors definition.
Monitor the daily and busy hour statistics.
Day to day Troubleshoot, resolutions and checking the progress of the Teams.
OSS KPIs monitoring pre/post after frequency refarming and new integrated sites
Enhance the UMTS Network Huawei RAN parameters tuning such as Traffic Steering, Load Balancing, Load measurement to obtain an optimized solutions on live networks
VIP network complaint handling
Analyze and investigate KPI statistics and log files to improve QOS by parameter tuning

Mobilink Mega Swap Project Jan 2013 Jan 2014
Senior RNPO (Radio Network Planning and Optimization) Engineer

Daily escalations
Pre & Post Swap KPI & Drive Test Analysis and suggest recommendations for improvement
Parameter tuning at BSC & Cell Level, Frequency &Neighbor Optimization
Dual band (900 & 1800) Layer Optimization & Tuning, Worst cells analysis on a weekly basis
Interface between RNO team & customer, Report writing and submission as per prescribed formats to operator
Resolve Customer Complaints regarding TCH blocking, Half Rate voice performance, Traffic balance for dual band
KPI Monitoring.
Preparing Worst Cell, Alarm, Non-Traffic, Optimization, NPM Daily Work, Single RAN, UMTS Daily Performance Reports.
Analyze Methods (parameters, KPI's reporting, configuration) , to Troubleshoot and optimize the Network Performance identifying potential issues (congestion, network parameters tuning, customer complaints, etc.) and providing associated recommendations and Defining the KPIs Targets for the Managed Services (MS) Project.
Alarm monitoring.
Preparing WORK PI& KPI, NQI, and Follow up, Weekly/Monthly KPI Reports.
VIP case monitoring.
KPI analyzing, worst cells.
Follow up Customer Complaint, 3G Traces, and Daily Performance.
Reporting to RF Manager, Customer.

China Mobile (Zong Project) (ZTE) Feb 2009 Dec 2012
RNPO(Radio Network Planning and Optimization) Engineer (2G)

Cluster Drive Test & Single site Check, Detailed analysis of Post processed log files
Network Benchmarking, Antenna Optimization & tuning
IBS Walk-test and CQT (Call Quality Test)
BSC and Cell level parameter tuning, Frequency & Neighbor Optimization
Resolve Customer Complaints & Report generation in prescribed formats
Coverage & Capacity Planning for Network Expansion
Worst Cell KPI Analysis on a weekly basis and suggest recommendations for improvement
Detailed analysis of Post processed Drive Test Logs
Network Benchmarking, Antenna Optimization & tuning
BSC & Cell Level KPI Performance Analysis
Dual Band (900 & 1800) Layer Optimization & Tuning.
Technical Proposal & Acceptance Test Procedure analysis and Report Submission

Drive Test Tools TEMS Investigation , NEMO , Genex Probe
Post Processing Tools Actix Analyzer, Mapinfo , Nemo Analyzer
Vendor Specific Tools
Huawei M2000 ( U 2000) , PRS client, Genex Assistant , Nastar ( Online & Offline) ,Pro-Optima, U-NET, FMA ,OmStar
ZTE Netnumen ,Minos
Non-vendor Specific Tools MapInfo, Google Earth, MS Excel , MS Access, Asset

CCNA (Training)
HUAWEI BSS Training(with Certification)
HUAWEI RNO Training (with Certification)
IOT ( Internet of Things , IEEE ComSoc Training)


Problem-solving and Analytical ability
Excellent performance in high pressure situations
Highly Motivated, self-driven, pro-active result oriented professional.
Strong work ethics combined with commitment to excellence

Key Skills

GSM / WCDMA / LTE Live Network Tuning & Optimization
Good knowledge about Radio Networks including, optimization and BSS.
Familiar with the processing of customer-oriented complaints and related specifications, good experience in customer complaints solving
Valued contributor who performs confidently and effectively under pressure and thrives on challenges

B.E. (Electrical Engineering specialized in computer systems) (2005-2009)


TELECOM (Fiber optics, communication system)
Information and coding, DSP.
Electronics / Computer (Micro Electronics, DLD, VLSI Design)
Artificial Intelligence , Control Engineering
Networking, Computer Networks, Data Communication


Reading, playing outdoor Sports and gaming, Web Browsing, Music

Employer: Huawei (Outsourced)
Job Title: Rf Expert
Start Month/Year: 07/2015
End Month/Year: 09/2016
City: Not Specified
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire)
Description: Not Specified
No submited educations


English Fluent
Job Category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $6000 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes