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RF Planning and Optimization Engineer (2G/3G)

Resume Keywords: Telecommunications,RF,Engineer,RadioNetworkPlanning,Planning,RNP,RNO,Optimization,2G,3G,UMTS,HSDPA,LTE

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Employer Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. (DMPI) / Sun Cellular
Galleria Corporate Center EDSA cor Ortigas Ave, Quezon City Philippines

Position 2G/3G Radio Network Planning & Optimization Engineer
Department Coverage RF and Transmission Planning
Designation Senior RF Engineer
Date July 2010 Present

Employer One Commerce (Intl) Corporation
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Position Senior Engineer
Department Wireless PTMP
Designation Senior Engineer
Date February 2006 July 2010




Radio Network Planning and Optimization (WCDMA 2100)
Radio Network Planning and Optimization (GSM1800)
Radio Network Design and Optimization (In Building Solutions)
Good knowledge of GSM and WCDMA System Architecture and Network Topology
Understand equipment co-location requirements for multiple operators and performs intermodulation analysis


Huawei and Ericsson WCDMA Nationwide Phase 4 Planning (1000 sites)
Ericsson GSM1800 NLZ Phase 8 Roll-Out
Team Leader of Huawei GSM1800 SLZ Phase 9 Roll-Out
SMART Sun Cellular Domestic Roaming Project
SMART Sun Cellular Site Consolidation Project / Project UNO
In-Building Solutions GSM1800 and WCDMA 2100, CDAS with other Operators (SMART and GLOBE)
Coverage Solutions Repeaters, High Gain Antennas, Microsite, TMA, TMB and MCPA



Responsible for radio network analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of WCDMA, GSM Macro site and IBS in order to meet required KPIs using common RNP/RNO tools.
Performs link budget analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, initial system design and dimensioning, coverage planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, frequency planning, interference analysis and optimization
Evaluate Network proposals of Ericsson and Huawei (Cell Data Creation and TSSR checking) to verify if the site candidate is according to the approved RNP coverage objective, BSC Homing, BCCH/TCH allocation
Radio capacity planning to meet marketings demands
Recommends special solution to be used for 2G Ph9 and 3G Ph4 projects such as High Gain Antennas, Outdoor and Indoor Repeaters, TMA, TMB and MCPA to improved network coverage and quality
Recommend hardware modifications such as antenna tilting, re-orientation, BTS expansion and upgrades
Performs nominal cell planning to determine location where a site is necessary for seamless coverage and quality improvement.
Performs site verification/survey for new sites with consideration on the transmission, power, security, access, space, and antenna propagation.
Provide contingency plan for Major Holidays in the Philippines such as Radio Capacity re -dimensioning and traffic forecasting to ensure minimal traffic channel congestion.
Conduct survey, installation and commissioning of extenders to provide temporary coverage (Cell On Wheels) to corporate accounts and areas with special events.
Lead the team in implementing South Luzon Phase 9 roll-out, SUN-TO-SMART Co-location Project, SLZ SUN-SMART Domestic Roaming


Performs coverage drivetest / walktest by using TEMS Investigation, Agilent Drive Test Tool, NEMO outdoor and handy and Genex Probe in Macro and IBS sites to ensure the network good RxLev, RxQual, RSCP and Ec/Io levels
Verifying the assigned parameters and optimized the integrated sites (RxLev, RxQual, RSCP and Ec/Io , Handover through defined neighbors)
Conducts benchmarking to compare network performance to its competitors and help provides recommendation for improvement if needed.
Functionality Testing, Coverage Verification and Cell Site Acceptance
Neighbor List updates and verification
Planned drive routes and test plans for optimization of upcoming and existing base stations


Knowledge in using Huawei Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT)
Command Handling in OSS under Citrix or Winfiol Platform
Regular monitoring of KPI statistics to immediately determine sudden degradation in site/network performance and ensure immediate escalation of hardware faults/alarms and network design issues impacting on network quality
Knowledge in using 3G M2000 (CE utilization monitoring)
Statistics gathering using OSS Radio Business Objects
Knowledge in using Huawei M2000 (TRX utilization monitoring)
Constantly monitor the congestion and utilization to project current traffic and identify under utilized and congested sites to make necessary adjustment
Interpret, analyze and evaluate network performance through KPI values


Prepares Technical Site Survey Report and coverage plots for the initial site survey and acquired sites
Provide Cell Design Data for the new sites, change out sites and test BTS
Provide existing site counts (provincial and municipal counts), sites for roll-out, target area for coverage enhancement, sites for expansion/upgraded to address requirements of other departmental groups such as, sales, marketing and customer complaint/technical support group.


Data Analysis for the purpose of recommending antenna tilting and/or antenna re-orientation and/or parameter changes
Analyzed subscriber complaints and formulate standard operating procedures for customer related issue
Provides Indoor Building Solution or Indoor Repeater if necessary


Perform site survey, walk test and preparation of RF design for In-Building Solution
Conducts site survey to find ideal locations of equipment rooms, antenna system, and cable routes
Conducts RF Walk Test to determine the dominant servers and their field strengths inside the building
Provides proper documentation for the proposed in-building antenna system
Performs signal verification if the design implemented meets the criteria set by the client in terms of overall coverage and quality of the indoor antenna system
Optimize the indoor sites by changing parameters or by physical change in the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) based on the gathered data (signal strength & signal quality of the antenna system) to meet the desired indoor performance
Witness in RF Acceptance Test Procedures to illustrate the efficiency of the newly installed indoor sites by passing all criteria agreed upon such as 99% coverage at 85 dBm or better, 98% call setup success rate, 99% HO success rate, and 1% drop call rate



Tasked with handling project implementation, equipment proof-of-concept / type approval and technical service support and network training for various client/project offering of One Commerce.
Tasked as Project Supervisor to ensure and monitors completion of tasks by all the Project Team members according to objective and timeline.
Conducts site surveys, link budget analysis, design/configuration, installation/ implementation and optimization of turn-key projects in GSM and 3G.
Complete required site survey report, installation, and troubleshooting checklist and properly document completion of the task.
Consult on principals website on software updates, drivers, and technical database on frequently asked questions to aid in problem solving.
Provides, troubleshooting, commissioning and optimization on GSM and 3G Repeaters, RF antennas and Coaxial Cables as part of after sales services
Tasked to document, records and track down problem solving process, including successful and unsuccessful troubleshooting..
Tasked to review, analyze, and recommends actions to finally resolve unsuccessful troubleshooting. Issue engineering bulletins that will form part of the installation and commissioning process to prevent the occurrence of same problem in the future.
Provide training and technical presentations to both the internal and external customers.

Proficient in set-up, calibration, utilization, and data processing of various design and optimization equipment and software (TEMS Investigation, Anritsu Site Master, Rohde&Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer, Garmin GPS, etc)
Proficient /Very good knowledge of various industry propagation tools, drive test tools and optimization software for model calibration, drive test data post processing, map generation, frequency planning and interference matrix analysis, site database maintenance and KPI verification and analysis.

Drive Test / Walk Test Tools
- TEMS Investigation v7.1 up to TEMS Investigation v13
- Nemo Outdoor v5.6
- Genex Probe v2.3
- JDSU E7464A version 14.0 up to version 16.2
- TEMS Pocket 8.1

Planning and Propagation Tools
- TEMS Cell Planner v7
- TEMS CellPlanner v9 and v9.1
- Mentum Cell Planner v10 and v10.1
- Mentum Planet v5.0 to v5.4
- Aircom Enterprise v7 and v8
- FORSK Atoll v2.8 up to v3.1.2
- UNET v2.2
- EDX Signal Pro 7.4
- Pathloss version 4 and version 5
OSS/KPI Monitoring Tools
- Huawei Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT)
- I-Manager 2G M2000 and 3G M200
- Ericsson Citrix
- Ericsson Winfiol
- Ericsson Business Object

Optimization/Post Processing Tools
- Actix Analyzer and Spotlight (up to April 2012 build release)
- GENEX Assistant V300R003C01/Nastar WCDMA
- NEMO Analyzer v5.18
- Gladiator 5
- Axeo Zeus Lite
- MCOM 4 to11.1 / NExplorer

GIS Software
- MapInfo Professional v8 up to v11.0.4 (and Plug-Ins)
- Google Earth

Other RNP/RNO Tools
- Garmin GPS
- Anritsu Site Master
- Rohde&Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer
- MS Office/MS Access

Other Software and Hardware Skills
- Microsoft Visio, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access
- Computer and Network Troubleshooting (LAN/WAN troubleshooting, driver/software installation)
- Windows XP, Windows 7 configuration and installatio
Employer: Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. (Sun Cellular)
Job Title: Senior RF Engineer
Start Month/Year: 07/2010
End Month/Year: Current
City: Mandaluyong City
Country: Philippines

• Responsible for radio network analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of WCDMA, GSM Macro site and IBS in order to meet required KPI’s using common RNP/RNO tools.
• Performs link budget analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, initial system design and dimensioning, coverage planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, frequency planning, interference analysis an
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: University of St. Louis - Tuguegarao
Major: Electronics Engineering
City: Tuguegarao City
Country: Philippines
Graduation Date: 14/09/2013
Description: Graduated with Academic Distinction Award / With Honor


English Fluent
Job Category: 3g/GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes