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Mobile Developer

Resume Keywords: Android,J2ME,C,C++

Contact Information

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Birthday 05-03-1984
Phone 054 351 4891989 (home), 054 9351 3659110 (mobile).
Address Crdoba, Argentina.
E-mail simoncarbajal@gmail.com
Web http//sites.google.com/site/simoncarbajal
Skype simoncarbajal

Professional Profile
A proactive and results-driven programmer with excellent interpersonal communication skills. Quick
to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop creative solutions to problems. Self-motivated, hardworking
who enjoys being part of, as well as managing, motivating and training, a successful and
productive team, and thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.

Career Summary
08-01-2010 to 10-25-2010, PalmaTools, Software Developer
Core Roles/Skills maintenance and production of many softwares related to the SIGApunT system.
Technologies Visual Basic, Html, Css, Asp, Php, Javascript and Sql Server.

07-08-2010 to 08-12-2010 and 11-02-2009 to 12-02-2009,
Secretara de Extensin Universitaria, Teacher
Core Roles/Skills teaching how to use Internet, Word and Excel, to young people between 18 and 24 years
old that had not finished school and had been unemployed. The job was given under the social program called
Programa Jvenes con Ms y Mejor Trabajo.

03-08-2007 to 02-27-2009, Gameloft, Team Lead Developer
Core Roles/Skills Porting mobile games. Team lead of five colleagues, coordinating and helping them for
three months with great results.
Technologies J2ME, brew C++, Svn, Dos batch scripting, Python, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual C++.

02-01-2006 to 04-15-2006, Franco-Juaneda S.R.L., Programmer
Core Roles/Skills programming an Enterprise Resource Planning software which required knowledge in local economy market processes.
Technologies Visual Basic, Sql, Asp, Html, Css and Javascript.

Professional Development
Experience in Windows and Linux operative systems.
Good skills programming in the following languages
C/C++ (experience working with the wxWidgets framework)
Java (J2ME, Android)
Python (Django)
Visual Basic
OZ (multi-paradigm language)
Haskell (functional language)
Maple (language and tool for math calculus)
Batch scripting (DOS and Linux)
Databases experience Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.
Software experience MS Office, OpenOffice, Apache server, Z-Eves.
Specification languages Z Language, Statecharts.
Modeling tools Ltsa, Alloy, Spin.
Latex (to typeset documents with mathematical formulas).

Education and Qualifications
2003-Present, Licentiate's Degree in Computer Science candidate
National University of Crdoba, Facultad de Matemtica, Astronoma y Fsica (Fa.M.A.F)
(College of Math, Astronomy and Physics, voted by researchers as one of the most prestigious of
Latin America). A five years career equivalent to a masters degree. Expected graduation in 2011.

2007, Associate's Degree in Computer Systems Analysis recipient
National University of Crdoba, Facultad de Matemtica, Astronoma y Fsica (Fa.M.A.F)
(College of Math, Astronomy and Physics). A three years career.

2002-2003, completed one year of Bachelor's Degree in Musical Composition
National University of Villa Mara, College of Music.

2001, Examination for the First Certificate in English recipient
University of Cambridge.

References are available on request
No submited work experiences
No submited educations


English Fluent
Spanish Fluent
Job Category: Java developers/Mobile applications Jobs
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $10 per hour
Desired Location: Belgium
Willing to Relocate: Yes