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3G WCDMA RF Planning & Optimization Engineer

Resume Keywords: 3G,wcdma,wimax,gsm,2G,planning,optimisation,drive testing,RF repeater

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Boris Bordyugov

RF Engineer at RC MC #5 the Utel branch of Ukrtelecom JSC (Kharkov c., Ukraine)



To work with professional and progressive organization that is providing opportunities for personal
growth and career development.
Im looking for an opportunity to work in some countries (such as US, EU & Canada etc.) in word or


Planning Tools ASSET, NetAct Planner 6, ATOLL 2.8, Aircom Enterprise, TCP (TEMS Cell Planner),
MapInfo, PLANET, IBWAve, Pathloss 5, Site See.
Optimization Tools Nemo Analyze, ACTIX, TEMS Investigation, MCOM 3G.


3G WCDMA RF Planning & Optimization Engineer at RC MC #5 the Utel branch of Ukrtelecom
JSC Ukraine

July 2009 -Present (1 year 1 month)

Coverage Prediction of the level of RSCP, EcNo, field etc in Atoll 2.8 and Netact planner 5.
Height and Power considerations for different clutters.
Monitoring performances +/-300 cells in Sumi, Poltava, Kharkov, Kremenchug area under Utel
Daily network performance monitoring and identify network performance degradation (accessibility,
retain ability and integrity) and give recommendation to solve
Analyzing neighbor database relation and correlate in order improve HO statistic
Prepare database parameter before analyze the measurement
Coverage Assessment to adjust coverage which effect interference problem
Responsible for LOS Survey for the new locations, check Far End and Near End Condition,
Coordinate and E1 for cross connection.
Responsible for Site Survey to define better antenna position, BTS location, Rectifier Location,
feeder and the equipment inside riser, Microwave and Pole Location.
Design for placing antenna, feeder, Splitter, Coupler and calculate the power connecting to KPI
standard from Customer using IBwave Tools.
Identify and Attend RF problem Walk test using TEMS and NEMO
Drive Test analysis along VIP and VVIP road way from office to their houses
Drive Test, Walktest, Stationary test analysis for any complaint came from VIP and VVIP List (3g
and HSDPA complaint )
Post process Drive logs-Verify, Analyze & Generate Report

Monitoring HSDPA Performance daily.
Layer 3 analysis for trouble shooting of AMR call & PS call Call Drop, Call Access Failure, SHO
Failure etc
Requires personal on field visit to low or no coverage area, and performing a survey of it and
proposing a site to improve coverage.
New site planning in Existing cities depending on Drive test results and capacity
Tools Used

Planning Tools ASSET, NetAct Planner 6, ATOLL 2.8, Aircom Enterprise, TCP (TEMS Cell
Planner), MapInfo, PLANET, IBWAve, Pathloss 5, Site See.
Optimization Tools Nemo Analyze, ACTIX, TEMS Investigation, MCOM 3G.

3G WCDMA RF Radioengineer at RC MC #5 (Kharkov c., Ukraine) The Utel Branch of
Ukrtelecom JSC

November 2006 -July 2009 (2 years 9 months)

Conduction of Drive Test for UMTS optimization

Activity of Radio Planning on Outdoor and Indoor Projects

Activity of pre-analysis and pre-reporting

Activity of post-analysis and reporting.

Good Acquaintances of NEMO Tools Outdoor, Analyze & Handy and Tems Tools Investigation,
cell planner

Good acquaintance of the Windows package, Office package, MapInfo
Acquaintance of Auto#ad
Activity of Network performance improvement
Routes planning for drive tests in the Ukraine cities Kharkov, Sumy, Poltava, Kremenchug.
Outdoor and indoor drive tests in the most important cities, highways, airports, railway stations,
squares and other hot spots

Post process Drive logs-Verify, Analyze & Generate Report

Knowledge and skills in Wideband CDMA Network technology

NOKIA WCDMA Site Manager.

NOKIA WCDMA BTS site Manager, Nokia FLEXI HUB Manager, Nokia FLEXI HOPPER manager

NETACT parameters Handling

Handling of measurement of site Master Anritsu.
NOKIA WCDMA BTS Commissioning and Nokia FLEXI HUB, Nokia flaxi hopper configuration.
EXFO FOT-600, Anritsu MT 8222A, Anritsu S331D, Acterna HST-3000.

Tools Used

Analyzing / Processing Tools Actix Analyzer & Spotlight, Nemo Analyzer, Net Act, MapInfo &


Drive Test Tools TEMS Investigation, Nemo outdoor, Nemo Handy, TEMS POCET, NOKIA Field
test, NEMO Superstream, Spectrum analyzer, BER Test.

2G GSM Field engineer BS and TS at Closed Company UMC (Poltava c., Kharkov c., Sumy c.,

December 2005 -October 2006 (11 months)

Experience and deep knowledge of the cellular system (BTS, Microwave, Switching and Power


Transmission network design and implementation (Microwave, Fiber Optic)

Working with a very wide range of telecommunications tools (Mapinfo, Pathloss 4, Ericsson
MINI-LINK Embedded Element Manager (EEM), Ericsson MINI-LINK Service Manager 6.4 MSM
and NETViewer-Man supervisor)

Acceptance for all equipments Radio & Micro Wave.

Troubleshooting Ticket of Transmission Siemens-Nokia and MINI-LINK Ericsson.

Design and Installation of Fiber Optic Cabling, Fiber Optic Termination, Light Interconnection Units
and Fiber helves

Exploitation and installation equipment Ericsson Mini Link and Marconi, Nokia Flexi Hopper, Nokia
DMR, Nokia SUN STM-1 Huawei OptiX ( 2500, 1000, 500 series), backbone multiplexor Alcatel
OPTINEX, Oscilloquartz 5240 Telecom GPS Receiver, power frame Benning, Cisco Catalist 2950,
base station Siemens 240.

Have experience in installation, test & commissioning, integration and maintenance of Ericsson Mini
Link and Marconi, Nokia Flexi Hopper, Nokia DMR, Nokia SUN STM-1, Huawei OptiX (2500, 1000,
500), Alcatel OPTINEX mux, Oscilloquartz 5240 Telecom GPS Receiver, Benning, Cisco Catalist
2950, BTS Siemens 240., Acterna Optical Power Meter OLP-15c, Acterna Optical Laser Source
OLS-15, Acterna E1 and Data Tester EDT-135 (DA-0327).

Field engineer at Co Ltd MKS (Kharkov c., Ukraine)

September 2005 -December 2005 (4 months)

Working as part of a large team of infrastructure Support Analysts, my role consists of providing
technical support and management of the telecommunication infrastructure and Radio systems
after being involved on the commissioning of

PABX Alcatel 4400, DECTs and telephony system
Vsat network
LAN network
TV system design and Installation
CCTV monitoring
voice gateway of vendor CISCO, Dlink, ZyXEL, 3COM
Optical Fiber splicing
system engineering multiplexor, commutator, medium converter

Field engineer at Public space-research Company NIPI SOYUZ

April 2004 -August 2005 (1 year 5 months)

Transmission network design and implementation Kiev c. Kharkov c. (Microwave (radio relay
station NERA), Fiber Optic (optical multiplexor FMUX-01), E1 multiplexor Sagem FMX-4, Cisco
2800 and 1600 with voice & PRI cards)

worked with all the instruments needed for the optical fibres
Activity of pre-analysis and pre-reporting for fiber optic lines
Activity of post-analysis and reporting for fiber optic lines.

Hardware maintenance technician at KNURE

June 2002 -February 2003 (9 months)

Public laboratory university KhNURE Cabel connection of communication KhNURE (Kharkov c.,
Ukraine) 10-20 employees University Telecommunication Training centre for distributive


Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics (KhNURE)

master of telecommunication system and networks, Telecommunication, 1998 -2003
Activities and Societies student of IEEE


New technology, fishing, active rest, skiing.

No submited work experiences
No submited educations


English Intermediate
Russian Fluent
Ukrainian Fluent
Job Category: 3g/GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Start in two weeks
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Ukraine
Willing to Relocate: Yes