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Senior Telecom technician

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Employer: Intertec Group Wll (Telecom Division)
Job Title: Senior Telecom Technician
Start Month/Year: 04/2007
End Month/Year: Current
City: Doha
Country: Qatar
Employment In Intertec Group W.L.L, Doha, Qatar, As a Senior Telecom Technician.
29 APR 2007 Currently

 I have been involved in Technical Support (Hardware and Software) of:
 Intrinsically Safe (IS) TETRA Handheld Radio
 Standard PUMA T3 TETRA Radio (Handheld & Vehicular)
 Tetra Radio Puma T3-Ex and Puma T3- DM Radios Maintenance and Programming.
 Installation & Maintenance of PAGA System for Oil & Gas.
 Installation of Eltek Rectifier.
 Customer Services, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of Philips PABX Key Telephone System for Small. Medium and large Businesses.
 NEC Philips PABX System (SOPHO IS3000, SV 8100, SV8300 and SOPHO IPC 100)
 Polycom DECT System, (Polycom KIRK Server 8000 )
 Voice Services and Data Services Installation and Maintenance and Commissioning.
 Structure Cabling .
 Installation and Termination of Patch Panel for Data side as well as Voice side for Voice and Data Communication System.
 Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting Activities Related to Data Communication Services and ADSL and PABX Key System
 Installation and Termination of MDF (Main Distribution Frame) and as well as DDF (Digital Distribution Frame).
 Underground and Overhead Cabling Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Block Wiring/Structured Cabling Installation and Maintenance of Voice & Data Communication System.
 PA/GA Systems Installation from Federal Signal for Oil & Gas Installations
Employer: Lucent Technologies International”Riyadh.K.S.A,
Job Title: Telecom Switch Installer / Technician
Start Month/Year: 12/1996
End Month/Year: 08/2000
City: Riyadh
Country: Saudi Arabia
Description: Worked as a “Sr. Communication Technician / Switching Installer” In “Lucent Technologies International, Saudi Arabia (K.S.A), Riyadh, on Sub Contractor Basis For ISP-Deployment. From 1st Dec 1996 – 31st Aug 1999.
Task and Responsibility: -
 Installation/Termination/Testing/Repair/Trouble shorting of Lucent & AT&T Telecom Switching System, Such as (5ESS, 5ESS2000 and Y2k) System in Telephone Exchange.
 Installation/Termination/Testing/Repair/Trouble Shooting of Lucent & AT&T Telecom DC Power System, Such as GPDF (Global Power Distrubution Frame), Rectifier and Battery Room in Main Telephone Exchange.
 Installation/Termination/Testing/Repair/Troubleshooting of “Lucent & AT&T Telecom Transmission System, Such as DDF, IDF Cabinet in Main Telephone Exchange.
 Installation/Termination/Maintenance & Repair of PABX Telephone Key System.
 Installation/Termination/Testing of MDF (Main Distribution Frame) Cable up to Subscriber.
 Lay out Telecommunication Cabling at Main Exchange. MDF and DDF RackTesting.
 Termination, Testing & Laying of all “Switching Cable, Transmission Cable & Power Cable.”
 Draw and Termination of “Fire Alarm & Security System Cable.”
 Do all Circuit Work Order (CWO) that Connect Switching & Transmission Cabinet, Rapping all DDF & IDF Cable.
 Jump ring all Primary & Secondary MDF Cable, Testing all Subscriber Lines.
Employer: Al Koheeji Electrical Co Bahrain Telecom Company. (Betelco). For OSP Deployment.
Job Title: Telecommunication Foreman
Start Month/Year: 05/2001
End Month/Year: 07/2003
City: Manamma
Country: Bahrain
Description: Worked as a “Telecommunication Foreman” with “Bahrain Telecom Company” (BETELCO) Through “Al-Koheeji Electrical Contracting & Constructing Company.W.L.L” For OSP Deployment, from 15th May2000 to 10th July 2003.
Task and Responsibility: -
 Experience in Main Distribution Frame (MDF), Indoor Telephone Cables Distribution.
 Set Cross Connection Point, Cabinet Distribution Boxes, Primary & Secondary Cables.
 Termination & Lay out of Telecommunication Cabling at Main Exchange (DDF & MDF).
 Installation & Termination of MDF & DDF Rack according to the International Standard.
 MDF Termination Primary, Secondary & Jumping both Side Primary &Secondary.
 Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) Rapping & Preparation of Connector According to the Configuration.
 Cabinet Termination D&E Side Cables and Jumping both D&E Side Cables. Cable jointing all Primary & Secondary Cables.
 Change over D&E Side of Cables, Eliminate Cabinet Cross Connection. Installation & Termination of Pedestal, BT66 & CD Box.
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 Testing all Primary & Secondary Cables, Installation & Recover Distribution Pole (DP).
 Installation & Preparation of Cables according to the Configuration, RJ45 Crimping & Patch panel Termination.
 Cable Pooling (100,200, 600, 1000, 3200 Pairs Fiber Optic Cable) & Jointing all P & S Cables.
 Excavate and Construct Joint Boxes, Such as Jb2, Jrc4, Jrc12, Jrc14 &Joint Boxes.
 Under Ground Telephone Cabling Laying & Duct Laying, Such As D38, D56 & D96.
 Make daily report submit to the Supervisor regarding the job accomplishments. Maintain worked Records up to date as per “BETELCO” standard. Performing Maintenance activities with 100% compliance in Health Safety Environment Policies as per Preventive maintenance Schedule.
Employer: Braintech Telecom Co ltd
Job Title: BTS Installer Coordinator
Start Month/Year: 01/2004
End Month/Year: 03/2007
City: New delhi
Country: India
Description: Worked as a “BTS Installer Coordinator Technician “RBS2202/2206” Ericssion for Air Cell.(BAH/JAM) In “BrainTech Telecoms”. New Delhi, India, from 10th Jan 2004 to10th Mar 2007.
 Installation of Tower
 Installation of BTS Ericsson RBS 2202 / 2206 and Equipment
 Installation of coax line connectors, Antenna and Accessories
 Installation of RF connections and cables
 Installation of Power connections and cables
 Installation of Feeder cable
 Antenna direction checked, Antenna polarity checked,
 Antenna cable Installation & connection.
 Feeder cable installed, Feeder clamps installed, BTS, RBS Jumper Cable installed
 Feeder male connector at GSM Site, Feeder female connector at BTS, RBS Jumper site
 Radio Connector at radio side and RF connector at Transmission side.
No submited educations


English Fluent
Job Category: Telecom Implementation TI Jobs
Job Type: Full-Time Employment
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes