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James Ennen Resume

Resume Keywords: Telecommunications

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Objective To acquire a position where I can use my knowledge in
the Telecommunications industry.


2010 May31 Nexius, Kansas, Clearwire WIMAX
Lead Field Technician/Project Manager
Telnet, configure, Gui, Path, Dragon Wave modem to link two sites.
Telnet, configure, Gui, Path, Motorola to link two sites.
Telnet, configure, Gui, Path, E-band to link two sites.
Troubleshoot to make sure all paths met their targeted RSLs
Retrieve all screen captures and photos for the Clearwire closeout package.
Manage 6 four man pathing teams.
Order all material and ODU/IDU/Modems
Clearwire point of contact. Meet with Clearwire every morning. Talk about production and daily assignments and issues.
Retrieve and review all closeout packages and then send them to Clearwire every day.
Assign all techs their assignments for each day.
Take all calls from techs out in the field for troubleshooting issues.

2009 July - 2009 September, Contracted by Greythorn Inc., Michigan,
Lead Field Technician - AT&T Market E 911

Install True Position LMU in the Nortel S8000 & S12000 BTS.
Install GPS.
Install all RF Cabling for LMU.
Install and run power for LMU.
Program and trouble shoot LMU.
Commission LMU with Switch to verify LMU was up on air and working properly.
Complete True Position site survey & validate.
Gather all info and photos to send in on a daily basis.
Run a T1 for the LMU.
Program Adit 600 and drop DS0 for LMU.
Program Axxius 800 and drop DS0 for LMU.
Program Kentrox and drop DS0 for LMU.
Program Flexmaster and drop DS0 for LMU.
Maintenance and trouble shoot LMU.

Sparkplug Inc. March 2008- December 2008, Arizona
RF Microwave Tech Site Survey and installs wireless broadband network. Experienced with RF and GSM Cellular system activities, Point to Point Microwave, T1/DS3, LOS, Antenna Systems, Installation, Commissioning, Integration and onsite activities. Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers.
Install and commission radios such as Dragon wave, Alverion ( Breeze Access) Motorola Canopy
Maintain and test radio equipment for good line of site and correct if LOS signal is loss or failure
Work along with other techs to align new path or fix existing path.
Work with engineering team to find new locations for pop servers to expand network
PC and IP troubleshooting skills
Site Survey customers location with WiMax test equipment to find good line of site to pop servers.
Use various WiMax radios ( Dragon Wave, Motorola Canopy, Alverion ) depending on costumers bandwidth
Install and commission Cisco routers if more than one costumers is on the building

Gazelle Technical Service Multiple States AT&T Cell Site 2007 September2008-December
Director of Operations / Construction Manager

Responsible for all day to day operations for new construction of cell sites.
Executed and evaluated forms of bid walks with contractors, A/E and Site Acquisition.
Responsible for keeping all sites within budget guidelines.
Assisted in zoning and redline drawings, and construction modifications.
Managing over 60+techs and managers.
Creating M.O.P's for each individual project
Reviewed RF data sheets for outside antenna work scope.
Monitored the volume, quality, safety, and procedural compliance of the assigned cell site.
Over saw multiple projects going on simultaneously Projects & tasks such as Civil, LMU installation, PDU ads, 12,000 AT&T Remote Terminal Inventories, Cell Site surveys etc.
Prepared quotes for potential work.
Ordered material for all projects.
Recruited & Hired all managers & techs.
Trained managers & technicians on all projects.
Reviewed and signed off on all time & expenses for all managers & technicians.
Handled all conference calls with the customer.
Made sure the customer has all reports and spreadsheets as needed.
Completed close out packages for the customer.
Made sure all projects met their deadlines & the company met their financials as well.
Made all travel arrangements for managers and technicians.
Kept a good working relationship with the customer/managers/technicians.
Traveled into each market to make sure all projects were running as smooth as they could & handle any customer related issues.

2006 May- 2007 September, Contracted by True position, L.A, CA
Field Supervisor - Cingular Market

2000+ LMU installs.
Supervised 12 installation teams installing the True Position LMU
Monitored the performance and reported progress/status/emerging issues to the Cingular Manager.
Provided overall management, leadership and day to day direction/technical guidance to assigned personnel.
Received and certified installation and test documentation.
Managed and develop daily business operations, implementing and managing operation procedures.
Create a M.O.P for 7 different types of equipment Cingular had in the market.

2006 January- 2006 April Contracted by AWI, Chicago ILL
Construction Manager/Market Manager/Cingular Market

Managed 5 teams installing True Position LMU, and harvesting Andrew WLS.
Reported to Cingular Wireless on a daily basis, and update them with the daily tracker.
Trained all field techs.
Installed the LMU out in the field while supporting all field personnel.

2005 December January 2006 Contracted by Darwin Partners
Construction Manager - San Diego Cingular Market

Responsible for the completion of 300 cell sites in a month deadline.
Maintain project construction schedule and prepared daily and weekly reports as necessary.
Performed pre-bid construction walks with contractors.
Conducted site visits with contractors to assure quality safety of site construction.
Reported to Cingular Wireless on a daily basis, and update them with the daily tracker.
Coordinated supplies and schedule field installation crews on a daily basis.
Managed 6 teams installing the Carrier Access, Flexmaster.

2005 July November 2005 Contracted by Goodman networks
Deployment Manager - South Florida Cingular Market

Supervise Field Supervisors in the South Florida Market
Manage over 20+ techs in a market with 900 sites.
Training and support of market field supervisors and train all techs
Produce implementation schedules and project reports.
Facilitate material shipment and storage in the market
Managing SFL market using GNETs budget
Interact with Cingular Management on a daily basis
Update Cingular on a daily basis with a tracker and schedule.

2004 Aug- 2005 July Contracted by Trueposition, Mid West
Field Supervisor - Region for Cingular Wireless

Supervise multiple markets and crews, as installations and upgrades of Trueposition LMUs are integrated into Cingular Wireless TDMA and GSM BTSs, also T-Mobile PCS BTSs.
Coordinate supplies and schedule the SOP for field installation crews on a daily basis.
Quality audits, sweeps and gains using Anritsu, Data collection and provide various daily reports, to management, and weekly conference calls.
Provide both new Supervisors and field crew training for Mid West region.

July 2003-2004 Aug Kelley Brothers Contractors, Cingular Wireless
Project Manager

Coordinated 8 teams in five markets spanning four states.
Trained and Supervised teams do successful complete LMU installs, sweeps and gains Using the Anritsu.
Maintained and provided a daily Work schedule for each team in coordination with Cingular and True Position.
Performed on site testing and advanced trouble shooting
Creating M.O.P's for all types of installation in each particular BTS.

Nov 2002-2003 Faulk & Foster, Monroe, LA
Senior Lead RF Engineer

Skills Acquired

Installation of
LMU and running multiple RG8X/LMR240 cables.
TNC, N-Male, QMA, , 7/8, 1 , 2inch, and SMA connectors
GPS/Beacon Antenna Cable Jumpers
Auditing and validating True Position Site Surveys
Commissioning True Position LMU
Commission Adit 600, Axxius, Kentrox

Proficient with
Laser Impulse to retrieve A.G.L. to determine TX/RX antenna Height Trimble/GPS hand held to gather latitude, longitude, altitude, pdop, number of satellites, GPS readings using the site data collector, retrieving AMSL and other additional information needed
Procomm Plus to commission the True Position E911 (LMU)

Efficient in
Anritsu Site Master performing sweeps/gains, and also Transferring data from Anritsu Site Master, and the Trimble to a laptop and saving information stored
Testing of T1 port to ensure that it is in working condition
Making T1 Connections using RJ45 connectors for the T1 cable then running the cable to the psax, biscut, flexmaster
Coordinating everyday schedules and tasks to meet Cingular quotas and specs
Using Microsoft Excel to record data on spreadsheets
Auditing/walk down for site prep.

Knowledgeable with 882,884 Macro, Erricson TDMA, Siemens GSM, Nokia GSM, Nortel Metrocell, Nortel 8,000/12,000 GSM, Lucent GSM, Erricson GSM,2106, 2206,2250,2308,2109


Possess solid communication, organization and prioritization skills, including the ability to coordinate and prioritize work schedules. Supervise with maximum level of respect and consideration. Interact professionally with customers and other employees.

Oct 1997-2003 Laid off Dynatek Telecommunications, Nashville, T
RF Engineer and Installation Supervisor

Skills Acquired
Installation of
Installation Nortel Metrocell BTS and Removal of Existing legacy(Hot Swap)
Commissioning the Nortel Metrocell BTS
RF testing on all hard lines
Nortel Metrocell using Legacy as first carrier
Cable trays and growth kits
Bus Bars
Andrews, Times, Commscope and Cell-flex cable

Proficient with
RF cabling
Removal of Legacy and Radio Frequency Front Ends
Cable sweeping and testing using Anritsu Site Master
Routing of T1 and punch down
Running multiple hard lines and AC Power
Performing of nightly crossovers, Retrofitting and Commissioning Efficiently
- Supervised and assisted in setting, inner cabling, cabling and installation of Nortel BTS 1900 CDMA, and rooftop Nortel Metrocell sites
Evaluated and reported progress to company manager
Ordered and retrieved equipment and supplies
Increased organization and structure within the company and its employees
Proofread, edit and process Sprint documents
Trained and manage personnel
Read blueprints for the setting of the Nortel Metrocell


Practiced and exhibited quality workmanship, excellent work ethic and pride-in-ownership in the execution of all operation and maintenance duties including the proper care of all company property. Operated and serviced company vehicles while maintaining a safe driving record. Possess solid communication, organization and prioritization skills, including the ability to coordinate and prioritize work schedules. Influenced employees to work actively as a team to improve time management skills. Interacted professionally with customers and employees to gain respect and loyalty.

Commscope, date 04/20/04
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS).. Date 04/14/04
Radio Frequency Safety Training, Date 04/01/09
CPR Training, Date 04/01/09
Power Wave, Date 02/01/09


1987-1991 Greenville High School, Greenville, IL

1992-1993 St. Louis Arts and Graphics, St. Louis, MO
- Bindery courses

Other Information

Prepared and available to work on rotation basis
Covering a seven-day schedule
- Prove to be a quick and accurate learner
- Able to work in a fast paced environment
- Can work independently during non-business
Hours with minimal to no supervision
- Very interested in becoming certified in any of the
Telecommunications areas
No submited work experiences
No submited educations
No submited languages
Job Category: Wireless Telecom Jobs
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: No