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Telecom Engineer

Resume Keywords: Node B, WCDMA, BTS, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Site Supervisor, Telecom Implementation

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I am a Telecom Engineer with more than five years in the Telecommunication Industry.

I have been handling various equipments for GSM, WCDMA/3G, and Transmission both SDH and PDH. I have certifications to prove my competence. I also have a valid climbing license from Ericsson AB Saudi Arabia.

Please call me if I am qualified for the role you are searching for and I will promptly talk to you for whatever information you want from me.
Employer: COMMTREND Construction Corporation
Job Title: Telecom Engineer
Start Month/Year: 04/2008
End Month/Year: Current
City: Not Specified
Country: Philippines
Description: Globe Telecommunications Nokia-Siemens Swap Out
 Responsible for the deployment of teams for the Nokia-Siemens swap out project
 Site survey for the change-out of existing Siemens Node B’s to Nokia Flexi BTS which includes power survey and availability of usable E1’s for the swap out
 Conducts proper inventory of the delivered materials for the swap out and pre installation of the Nokia Flexi BTS
 Swap out of Siemens node B’s to Nokia Flexi BTS which includes the power tapping and creation of new scripts for the integration of the newly installed Node B.
 Software upgrade and uploading of License Keys for the proper integration of the Nokia Flexi BTS
 Conducts test calls with the NOC and RNC to test the functionality of the newly installed Node B’s
 Secure the uninstalled Siemens Node B for the proper delivery to the warehouse

Employer: TRANSTEL
Job Title: Telecom Engineer
Start Month/Year: 08/2007
End Month/Year: 04/2008
City: Riyadh
Country: Saudi Arabia
Description: Saudi Telecom - Ericsson GSME7 PO3 and 3G Ph2 Projects
 Site investigations, implementation, installation, integration, testing, troubleshooting and supervision work in the best possible way according to Ericsson standards and documentation
 Supervision of the installation of Ericsson WCDMA Node B (Ericsson RBS 3206, RBS 3202), Antenna System Controller (ASC), Dual duplex Tower Mounted Amplifier (ddTMA), Remote Electrical Tilt (RET), Transmission interconnection, Outdoor Antenna (2100 MHz), Feeder Cable and Power System.
 Perform script downloading using the Ericsson OAM Manager to the newly installed Node B and coordinate with the OSS for the proper termination and mapping of the usable E1’s to be used by the Node B and continuous communication with the Radio Network Controller for the proper integration of the 3G site scheduled to be on air.
 Configuration of the Ericsson RBS (2202, 2206, 2106, 2207, 2302, 2308) using OMT software tool to perform IDB installation, operation, definition of alarms and to monitor the hardware configuration status of Replaceable Units in the cabinet
 Proper coordination with the Base Station Controller for the proper commissioning and integration of the Radio Base Station, simulation of alarms, and the clearance of the RBS alarms encountered during the integration process.
 Performs cutover, configuration and troubleshooting of existing transmission links to new Ericsson Mini Link E, Mini Link HC, Mini Link Traffic Node 6P and 20P for GSM 900/1800 and 3G sites
 Responsible for alignment microwave antennas inter-connecting leased line, E1 connecting and transmission test including Bit Error (BER) Test to ensure a working transmission system according to CCITT G.703/704 standard. Coordinate with Base Station Controller (BSC) for site integration and putting on air of the installed Radio Base Stations
 Responsible in the acceptance tests of 3G sites which involves Site Installation Verification, Power System Verification, Node B Installation Verification, Antenna System Verification, Operation Verification Test, Power Failure Test, Iub Failure Tests, NFAN Card Switch Off Test, Transmission E2E connectivity check, External Alarm Check as per normal STC standards, Admission Control Tests, Power Control Tests, Congestion Control Tests, Site Integration Tests, and Handover Tests.
 Responsible in the acceptance tests of 2G sites which involves External Alarms testing using the OMT, RBS Antenna System Test using the ANRITSU Site Master, RBS Installation Test, RBS Site Integration Test, RBS Diversity Test, Power Supply Test, and Mini-Link Functional Test for Final Acceptance Tests of sites. Prepares the site documentation for the Final Acceptance Tests of 2G sites.
 Responsible for the DXX (Tellabs) 6340/6345/6350 Installation and Commissioning and mapping of E1 as per Ericsson Design.
 Performs traffic rerouting and cutover of existing MW links which includes creation of new traffic routes in accordance to the Traffic Design
 Performs RFI site survey for transmission capacity upgrade and 3G co-location for 3G Ph2 Projects
 Provide technical support and consultation to the implementation staff, project manager and the customer.
Employer: Telecom Solutions
Job Title: Project Engineer
Start Month/Year: 03/2003
End Month/Year: 08/2007
City: Manila
Country: Philippines
Description: Position: Project Engineer – Team Leader
# 99 San Angelo Subdivision Sauyo Road,
Novaliches, Quezon City
Date: April 8, 2003 to July 10,2007
Projects Handled:
SMART 3G Implementation Project (NOKIA-COMMTREND)
 Responsible for the Nokia-Smart Telecommunications 3G Project Network Implementation in the Philippines in conformance to Nokia standards.
 Interface to the deployment subcontractors and be responsible for resolving daily technical problems and ensuring the maintenance of site quality and that the corresponding documentation complies with customer requirements.
 Equipment configuration and troubleshooting for Nokia WCDMA base stations and Nokia network elements and tools (SAXC, RNC, NetAct).
 Installer, Commissioner, Integrator, and Tester of Nokia Ultrasite WCDMA BTS(Supreme Indoor and Triplemode) and Nokia Flexi WCDMA BTS
 Conducts Quality Audit for Nokia-SMART Telecommunications 3G Sites and submits the overall report to the Nokia Project Manager.
 Conducts WAFA Retrofit and RFI Isolation for Nokia-Smart Telecommunications 3G Sites
 Supervises the implementation of 3G Sites with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) across the Philippines.
 Configuration of Traffic Descriptors such as Iub VP, DNBAP, CNBAP, AAL2 Signalling Link, AAL2 User Data, and DCN. Reconfiguration of parameters or Scripts for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) using additional E1’s.
 HSDPA throughput stationary testing with good signal strength close to the transmission site using Air Card with the performance very close to the maximum theoretical bit rate of 1.5Mbps.
 Conduct testing such as video streaming, scrambles code tests to ensure that the site is properly integrated before declaring that the site commercially integrated
 Tests the integrity of E1 for proper integration of the 3G Sites with the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Radio Network Controller (RNC) with BER Tester.
 Involved and handled Smart Ultraswap change out project, de-installed basic Intratalk equipment then installed and commissioned Nokia Ultrasite Edge equipment, responsible for new site installation and commissioning of Nokia Ultrasite BTS equipment and Nokia Flexihopper equipment.
 Testing of feeder cables to minimize high return losses, high VSWR, and detection of faults in the antenna line using Anritsu Site Master.

 Acted as a supervisor and team leader during the implementation of the GLOBE PH10/11, PH1 2G/3G Projects
 Responsible for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of Ericsson RBS 2106, 2206, 2207 Cabinets, Siemens 3G NB/880, NB/881, ELTEK Power Systems, Ericsson Mini Link E and Traffic Node, Siemens SRAL XD during the GLOBE PH10/11 in the Bicol Region Area and GLOBE Ph13G Luzon projects.
 Conduct quality inspection on the installed sites. Troubleshoot transceiver units (DUAMCO, CAT, CC, ChC), (TRU), CDU units, DXU units etc. during the testing to ensure the site will be properly functioning before declaring it to be on air. Ensure installed cabinets comply or exceed the specifications required by the customer
 Supervise Installation Engineers on field during site integration to support and ensure that the cut over goes smoothly as planned, conduct test calls (Video call, voice call) on all new DUAMCO/CAT, TRU’s and timeslot confirmation, configuration of site Installation data base (IDB), Upload diagnosis report via LMT.
 Responsible of submission of site status report. Conduct site inspection for preparation of site acceptance. Supervises fellow engineers for Preliminary and Final Acceptance Test of sites.
 Ensure efficient, reliable and quality workmanship at all; abide by the rules and regulation of host customers at all time whenever in their premises. Cooperate at all times with their immediate supervisor and other members of the team;
 Perform and troubleshoot end to end testing for E1 expansions at BTS/Node B sites and at Point of Interconnect to other carriers network;
 Perform sample audits of subcontractor site specific documentation for upgrade works.

 Conduct BTS/RF site survey on the proposed site based on the prediction of Radio Network Planner (RNP), analyzes the number of cells at a particular BTS based on the traffic intensity, antenna direction of each sector and the proposed antenna heights, conduct BTS survey rooftop, In building solution (IBS) and Greenfield sites;
 Responsible for planning and reliable cost effective digital microwave backbone system supported by path study, availability computation, equipment and frequency assignment and detailed site survey, prepares preliminary microwave path profiles, calculates antenna centerline and performs availability calculations to ensure the availability objective is achieved;
 Prepare transmission network including capacity, frequency assignment and tributary allocations of transmission equipment, performs on site spectral and frequency analysis, performs periodic re-survey of the existing network, responsible for network rehabilitation and link re-routings, provide technical support for operations and maintenance of the existing network;
 Review of all Traffic Routing Plan.
 Responsible on Schedule and supervise Cut-Over activity and Implementation of rerouting plan and Capacity Optimization.
 Coordinate all Concern Section and conduct meeting and plan how activity will be done before cut-over activity start.
 Design of Traffic/E1 Allocation via Multiplex Diagram
 Manage Ericsson Mini-link Hi-Capacity (155e-SDH link) and Traffic Node, if equipment failure occurs.
 Responsible on monitoring outages and alarm occurrence, which include troubleshooting of all transmission network elements.
 Conduct E1, SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy), ADM (Add-Drop Multiplexer) and Ericsson High Capacity -Traffic node, Link Test.
 Prepare and assigned PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) routing for 3G-Node B (Huawei).
 Attend Acceptance test/SAT (Site acceptance Test) and FAT (Final acceptance Test).
 Responsible on Re-homing and rerouting of BTS and 3G Nodes B.
 Conduct Site Inspection for new site.
 Quality Supervision of Installation and Integration of New sites.
 Supervise of installation and implementation of PDH NMS (Network Management System) Network connectivity , which include IP addressing and Clustering.
 Supervise Main and Subcontractor during installation, testing and commissioning of ALCATEL (PDH-9400LX/UX, SDH 9600 USY/LSY, ADM) and Ericsson (Mini-link Hi-Capacity& Mini-link E, SDH / Traffic Node) Equipment.
 Supervision of installation and alignment of Nokia Flexihopper FIU-19E and Nera Compactlink for the implementation of the approved transmission design submitted to the customer.

 Acted as a supervisor and team leader during the implementation of the GLOBE PH10/11 Projects in the Metro Manila Area
 Responsible for installation of Nokia Ultrasite, Nokia Metrosite and Nokia T65630 DNT2M and Nera Compact link during the GLOBE PH10/11 in Metro Manila
 Commissioning and integration of BTS Cabinets and cabin external alarms to Globe MSC.
 Installation, commissioning, and alignment of Siemens SRAL XD transmission equipments
 Responsible for proper installation of outdoor and indoor (feeder cables, panel antennas, microwave radios, HDSL modems, RBS cabinets, DDF and rectifiers) in conformance with the customer standards
 Responsible for E1 integrity testing using BER Tester (HEWLETT- PACKARD HP37721A and Sunrise Telecom)

 Acted as a team leader during the implementation of DIGITEL PH5 Projects
 Installation of Alcatel 9415-UX(15Ghz),9470 LX/UX(8Ghz),9423-UX(23Ghz) microwave radio equipment and cellular equipment facilities for DIGITEL GSM project.
 Responsible for installation of ALCATEL BTS, Alcatel 9400 UX, Alcatel 9470 LX/UX Installation, Commissioning and Integration
 Conducted TRE upgrade and commissioning, High Gain Antenna Swapping and TMA Installation.
 Provide technical support for operations and maintenance engineers and system riggers.
Employer: NSN Project Support Center Indonesia
Job Title: Node B Engineer
Start Month/Year: 07/2008
End Month/Year: 01/2009
City: Bandung, West Java,
Country: Indonesia
Description:  Supervision of partners in the actual implementation and rectification of the sites for Acceptance
 Responsible for the Alarms clearance of Nokia Flexi EDGE, Nokia BTS, Nokia Flexihopper and Nokia RRI equipments
 Implementation and upgrade of 3G Sites with High Speed Downlink Packet Access(HSDPA)
 Configuration of Traffic Descriptors such as Iub VP, DNBAP, CNBAP, AAL2 Signalling Link, AAL2 User Data, and DCN. Reconfiguration of parameters or Scripts for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) using additional E1’s.
 HSDPA throughput stationary testing with good signal strength close to the transmission site using Air Card/Flash card with the performance very close to the maximum theoretical bit rate with 1E1 up to 11 E1’s.
 Equipment configuration and troubleshooting for Nokia WCDMA base-stations and Nokia network elements and tools (SAXC, RNC, Net-Act)
 Performs VP/VC cross-connection on the SAXC using AXC Manager 2.7 / 3.0
 Performs physical and/or logical cross-connection on PDH / SDH transmission systems and performs E1 testing prior to site integration.
 Involved in the trial and implementation of Metro Ethernet backhaul using Cisco routers and / or IFUH module.
 Responsible in cross-connection for additional E1’s for HSDPA Upgrade using NOKIA Flexi Hopper FIU-19, IFUE, RRI and Ericsson Mini-link.
 Field Based Engineers with experience of the following base station equipment types:
* Nokia WCDMA Flexi BTS, Nokia Flexi EDGE, Ultra Site Supreme and Optima Compact
* Nokia 2G/3G Flexi BTS, Installation & Commissioning
* Good working knowledge and understanding of 2G & 3G Networks.
 Interface to the deployment subcontractors and be responsible for resolving daily technical problems and ensuring the maintenance of site quality and that the corresponding documentation complies with customer requirements.
 TI Partner training and support
 Support TI Supervisors with any BTS – TRS related issues to ensure sites are integrated and working accordingly to plans
 Perform actual TRS upgrades if required (Mainly simple upgrades with TRS only)
 QA checks of sites
 Receive verification issues from either verifications or TI supervisor. Coordinate or physically perform troubleshooting of site
 Interface with logistics for troubleshooting materials
 Perform installation, commissioning and integration if required
 Support TI Supervisors with various TI tasks to achieve site implementation
 Interface to planning & verification for performance issues
 Support TI partner troubleshooting
 Perform Quary PL items
 Support TI Supervisors with progress reporting
 Interface with CME, planning for updates if needed
 Interface with CME, Logistics, Planning and Telkomsel for TI issues (if instructed by TI Supervisor)
 Progress meetings with TI management or PSC required
 Quary and Network tracker updating
 WBTS, S-AXC remote access using Netact
 Responsible for scheduling of the deployment of field engineer for everyday task and monitoring.
 Coordinate with the planner to escalate all issues in transmission especially FO, JHAT , SAXC assignment, TELLABS.

Employer: Ericsson Vietnam Company Limited
Job Title: TSS Engineer/ Site Supervisor
Start Month/Year: 02/2009
End Month/Year: 03/2010
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Country: Vietnam
Description:  Conducts technical site survey for new sites for Vietnamobile/HTC GSM project in South Vietnam
 Conduct BTS/RF site survey on the proposed site based on the prediction of Radio Network Planner (RNP), analyzes the number of cells at a particular BTS based on the traffic intensity, antenna direction of each sector and the proposed antenna heights, conduct BTS survey on rooftop and Greenfield sites;
 Taking the RF Details for each site substantial to the preparation of the Technical Site survey Report, giving the appropriate antenna type for the candidate site, correct mechanical and electrical tilting, RBS model reference, feeder cable types and lengths, number of TRX per sector, antenna counts, antenna gains and make additional RF information substantial to the TSS;
 Conducts Transmission survey for each candidate site listed, taking panoramic pictures and potential obstacle to LOS, and conducts table study of each site with the use of TEMS Link Planner and Pathloss 4.0;
 Support to the Construction Engineer and Site Acquisition during the actual survey of sites.
 Escalates and propose solutions to any problems indentified in the field.
 Assess and inspects the quality and workmanship of contractors in building and preparing new and existing sites before the declaration of RFTI(Ready for Telecom Installation) in accordance to the Ericsson standards set forth in the DDD (Detailed Design Drawing);
 Report to the project manager and contractor for any deficiencies and discrepancies indentified in the site;
 Supervision of the actual implementation of Telecom installation including bolt down procedures of the RBS and ensuring the proper procurement of materials on site according to the plant specification and details found in the Radio Site Design Documentation;
 Integration and testing of RBS 2216, RBS 2111, TN 20p, TN 6p, and TN 2p; Hand-over test using Test Phone; Proper termination of E1 from existing Transmission equipments to Ericsson Mini Link TN; mapping of E1 and traffic routing set forth in the Multiplexing Plan;
 Testing and optimising the integrity of the mapped E1 according to the approved transmission plan from the near-end site to the far-end site until the BSC using the Mini Link Craft Terminal and proper transmission tools;
 Checking the RSL of the newly aligned and installed link if it passed the threshold level set in the Link Budget Design;
 Conducts seamless swap of the installed leased line to the newly installed Ericsson TN 6P and 20P.
 Conducts SW upgrade of the installed TN 20p and TN 6p with the baseline R3.0 to R4.0.
 Conducts test call and quality inspection of the newly implemented sites Verification and performing the relevant test protocols concerning antenna system which includes the return loss and VSWR.

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Cagayan State University
Major: Electonics and Communications Engineering
City: Tuguegarao
Country: Philippines
Graduation Date: 31/03/2003
Description: Grauduate of BS Electronics and Communications Engineering


English Fluent
Arabic Basic
Other Language Basic
Job Category: 3g/GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS Job
Job Type: Contract Job
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 a month
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes