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Radio Network Planning & Optimization(GSM/UMTS/WCDMA)(2G/3G)

Resume keywords summary: RF RAdio Network Planning Optimisation Optimization 3G 3.5G UMTS HSDPA HSUPA HSPA

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Work Experience

Experience level: 5-10 years
Profile/Cover Letter: INTRODUCTION:
I have over 8 years of multi-vendor experience working for mobile cellular networks with significant experience in the radio network planning and optimization for 3G (UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA) and 2G - (GSM/GPRS/EDGE). I have performed radio frequency planning, radio network parameter optimization and new features’ (2G: GPRS, EDGE, AMR, Dual band & Power Control)(3G: LDR, CAC, OLC, DCCC & Power Control) trials and implementation for equipment vendors Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei.

I have good understanding of 3GPP recommendations and vendor specific radio network elements, features, algorithms, radio database parameters, KPIs and counters and dimensioning rules. I have actively participated in network audits for parameters, KPIs, drive testing, planning & dimensioning.

• Emirates Telecommunications Corp. – Etisalat, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
RF Planning & Optimization Engineer (UMTS/HSDPA), Nov’2005 – Till date.
• Vodafone Essar (Previously Hutchison Essar), New Delhi, India.
Sr. RF Planning & Optimization Engineer (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), April’2005 – Nov’2005.
• Vodafone Essar (Previously Hutchison Max Pvt. Ltd. – Orange), Mumbai, India.
Sr. RF Planning & Optimization Engineer (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), Feb’2001 – April’2005.
• Lucent Technologies, MTNL – Mumbai, India.
RF Planning Engineer (GSM), July’2000 – Jan’ 2001.

Optimization Project - Emirates Telecommunications Corp. – Etisalat, Dubai, U.A.E.

3G/3.5G Network Audit and optimization – 15th Dec’2008 – 27thth Feb’2009
• Fine tuning of all radio network parameters
• Scrambling Code plan review and fine tuning
• DCCC, CAC,OLC & LDR algorithm fine tuning
• CS & PS Power control parameter fine tuning
• 2G – 3G reselection prcedure method optimization
• Inter RAT Handover parameter optimization
• Inter Frequency Handover parameter optimization
• 2nd Carrier implementation with CS and PS tarffic handling strategy finalization
• SHO parameter optimization(e.g. SHOQUALMIN and CIO)
• Rectification of alarm related faults( e.g. Clock Source related issues) causing high Call Drop
• 3G – 2G Neighbour audit to improve IRAT HO Success and Call Drop

• Radio Network Planning and Optimization for UMTS/HSDPA/ GSM/GPRS/EDGE network.
• Optimum tuning of radio database parameters.
• Suggestion for global network parameter changes.
• Able to relate problems faced by subscribers to RF optimization/RF planning issues.
• KPI and counter analysis.
• Auditing GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, dimensioning, throughput, statistics & radio parameters.
• BSS planning & dimensioning.
• Testing, analyzing and implementation of new BSS features across the network.
• Drive test analysis with TEMS, Huawei Genex Probe & Genex Assistant.
• Optimization of Dual band network.
• CW test for different type of clutters, model tuning to setup propagation model for optimized planning results.
• 3G network coverage from Ec/Io & RSCP perspective and data throughput optimization.

• Alcatel Lucent (2G/3G)
• Motorola(2G)
• Huawei(3G)
- TEMS Investigation 8.1
- Huawei Genex Probe 1.3 for GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA drive Test.
- Huawei Genex Assistant – Post processing tool for drive test of WCDMA/GSM
- Planet V2.8, Planet DMS & Planet EV.
- Motorola CTP(Call Trace Product) and MARS (Motorola Analysis & Report System)
- NAT (Network Analysis Tool) for Motorola
- Map Info 8.5, Actix
- Alcatel RNO/RNP (Radio Network Optimizations/Planning)
- K15
- HSDPA Optimisation workshop
- UMTS Voice, Data and inter RAT network optimisation workshop
Alcatel - Lucent (UMTS/HSDPA):
- UMTS Radio Principles and HSDPA description
- UTRAN Description, UTRAN Radio Algorithm, UTRAN counters and Indicators
General GSM/UMTS/HSDPA Trainings:
- Basics of GSM & C7 by Agilent Technologies
- Understanding Basics of UMTS by Etisalat Academy
- HSDPA – High Speed Downlink Packet Access by Etisalat Academy.
Motorola (GSM):
- CP 15: Principles of RF Planning by Motorola
- SYS02, SYS03, BSS11 & BSS 12 by Motorola, SYS04 BSS dimensioning by Motorola.

Operating Systems: Windows, DOS & Unix
Languages: C & C++
Proficient in MS Excel & Access.


Emirates Telecommunications Corporation – Etisalat, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
[An Operator with EGSM/PGSM/DCS 1800, GPRS/EDGE & 3G/3.5G]
Equipment Vendor: Alcatel - Lucent (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and Huawei (UMTS/HSDPA)

Job Responsibilities
• Actively participated in the 3G swap roll-out from Alcatel to Huawei for 300 UMTS sites in Abu Dhabi.
• UMTS second carrier planning & implementation.
• Video streaming performance drive test and audit.
• Pilot pollution analysis and optimization
• Monitoring KPIs for different R’99 & HSDPA services.
• Optimization of data services
• 3G-3G and 3G – 2G neighbour planning and scrambling code planning.
• UMTS site integration by performing Scrambling Code check, SHO, HHO, Cell reselection, inter system handover and antenna swap test.
• Drive test analysis of throughput for R’99/HSDPA.
• Enabling second carrier for congested cells.
• Performing CPICH Ec/Io and CPICH RSCP drive test & analysis for UMTS poor coverage zone and Pilot pollution zone and SHO Zone analysis.
• UMTS TMA performance analysis.
• Optimizing the antenna orientation and tilt for UMTS coverage and Ec/Io enhancement.
• Statistics monitoring and implementation of corrective actions.
• Implemented HSDPA 7.2 Mbps througout the Abu Dhabi network
• Implementation of HSUPA 1.92 Mbps

Vodafone Essar (Previously Hutchison Essar Mobile Services Limited), New Delhi, India:
[A GSM 900 /1800 cellular operator with GPRS/EDGE][Equipment Vendor: MOTOROLA]
• Site Planning (Microcell & Macrocell) from coverage as well as capacity point of view for the whole Delhi & NCRs with 33 BSCs. Identifying the buildings for newly planned sites, conducting RF surveys & evaluating the best option from RF point of view.
• Running the coverage prediction for the sites, interference analysis & best server analysis using “Planet DMS”.
• Traffic monitoring & analysis for the cells and accordingly implementing the changes to meet the capacity requirements of the network (e.g. TRX addition & Cabinet Expansions).
• AMR FR/HR implementation & Optimization
• Site splitting, Optimization of Antenna height & Tilt on the basis of IOS report & drive test.
• Daily Network Health Monitoring and accordingly taking action on key performance indicator parameters (e.g. CDR, CSSR, CSR, RF Losses, HO failures) to meet the network benchmarks.
• Optimizing the BSS parameters by taking export of all the BSS parameters from the OMCR and fine tuning the parameters as per the requirement.
• Report generation for the quality aspects of the network on the basis of Drive Test & statistical analysis.
• IOS (Intelligent Optimization System) frequency validation by doing interference analysis on the Planet DMS.
• Complete drive test analysis & report analysis of Motorola IOS cycles (TA, Cell overlap matrix, Rxlev, Rxqual, etc.).

Vodafone Essar (Previously ORANGE, Hutchison Max Telecom Pvt. Ltd.), Mumbai, India.
[A GSM 900 /1800 cellular operator with GPRS/EDGE][Equipment Vendor: MOTOROLA]
I was looking after the South, Central & Andheri –Bandra area of Mumbai. These areas incorporated 15 BSCs with 370 sites. My job responsibilities included new site planning as part of the yearly roll-out, Optimization of the existing sites, capacity addition for the congested sites, monitoring health report of the cells & fine tuning of the BSS parameters. Other responsibilities included network wide Dual band performance monitoring and optimization, network wide SDCCH addition/deletion.
I was also looking into ISO for all the necessary forms, formats & procedures to meet the requirements of the Dept.
• Site planning (Microcell, Macrocell, & In building Solutions) from coverage as well as capacity point of view, identifying the buildings for newly planned sites, conducting RF surveys (Microcell, Macrocell, & In building Solutions) & evaluating the best option from RF point of view.
• GSM antenna type & location selection for the sites.
• Radio frequency planning (BCCH/MAIO), BSIC and neighbor planning for the cells.
• Antenna & power diagram design for In building solutions.
• Traffic monitoring & analysis for the cells and accordingly implementing the changes to meet the capacity requirements of the network.
• Site integration by doing drive test analysis.
• Coverage analysis of the sites using PLANET V2.8.
• Conducting HOT SPOT ANALYSIS by using Ericsson Tems Transmitter Tool & Motorola - CTP tool to find out potential areas for putting microcells.
• Test transmission analysis to find out the coverage area of a cell.

• Daily network health monitoring and accordingly taking actions based on key performance indicator parameters to meet the network benchmarks.
• Optimizing the BSS parameters.
• IOS (Intelligent Optimization System) frequency validation of 15 BSCs.
• Complete drive test analysis & report analysis of Motorola IOS cycles.
• Microcell optimization by using Motorola handover algorithms.
• CTP analysis of the sites to analyze various parameters based on radio measurement reports.
• Neighbor statistics analysis for neighbor trimming.
• In building solutions optimization, enabling C2 parameter for the IBSs.
• Network wide SDCCH addition/deletion by doing statistical analysis.
• Site splitting, optimization of antenna height & tilt.

• Network wide implementation, performance analysis of Dual band Cells (e.g. Traffic carried by 900 & 1800 layers & quality issues).
• Network wide optimizations of antennas & fine tuning the dual band parameters and selecting Motorola specific BPMs for the optimum traffic management between both the layers (i.e. Inner Zone (1800) & Outer Zone).

M/S Lucent Technologies, Mumbai for MTNL – Mumbai GSM rollout project:
• Identifying the Search areas for new sites, conducting RF surveys and evaluating the best option from RF point of view by using ASSET VER 3.0 tool.
• Radio frequency planning, BSIC Planning & neighbor planning.
• Performing drive test by using HP Tool.

Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communications): 84.82% (FCPI) [1996~2000]
Institution: Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia), New Delhi-25, INDIA.
Senior Secondary School Certificate: 80% [1996], Senior Secondary School, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25, INDIA.
High School: 72.5% [1994], Khair Industrial Inter College, Distt - Basti, U.P., INDIA

Date of birth: January 1, 1979
Father’s Name: Mr. Shabbir Ahmad
Marital Status: Married
Languages Known: English, Hindi & Urdu.
Nationality: Indian.
Contact Address: P. O. Box – 3838, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Permanent Address: Vill – Shish-hania, P.O. – Alidapur, Distt Siddhartha Nagar, U.P. PIN:272202, INDIA.

Employer: Etisalat
Job Title: Engineer
Start Month/Year: 11/2005
End Month/Year: Current
City: Abu Dhabi
Country: United Kingdom
Description: Radio Network Planning and Optimization(GSM/UMTS)(2G/3G)

Background and Experience

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Jamia Millia Islamia
Major: B. Tech. (Electronics & Communications)
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Graduation Date: 06/01/2000
Description: Not Specified


Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences

Job Category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Immediate
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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