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Experience level: 10 +
Profile/Cover Letter: JOHN D. ANGELES
Current Address 4th Floor Al Rashed Towers P.O. Box 4965 Al Khobar City 31952 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
E-mail Address
Mobile No. +966.565.171.007
Globe Roaming No. +63.915.622.0474
Smart Roaming No. +63.908.791.4333
POSITION APPLIED _______________________________________________
QUALIFICATIONS Degree Title in Electronics and Communications Engineer
EDUCATIONAL BS ECE Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
BACKGROUND New Era University Central Avenue Quezon City, Philippines
Backhauling Implementation Chief Technician (MW IP Backauling Transmission)
National Company for Business Solution (NCBS) 01ST August 2011 Present
Outsource Company Owned by Mobily Etihad Etisalat Company
Al Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Eastern Province
Assigned as a MW IP Bachkauling Chief Technician which responsible for Implementation of Transmission Network Phase Roll Out Project for 3G_Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) / 3G_Huawei (HUW) and Wi-connect and Wi-Bass (PMP) which include ALU SWAP/ HUW_3G Swap and New 3G Phase including the Preparation for HUW_LTE Phase 2 Project througout the Eastern Part of the Kingdom and conduct MW TSSR Validation for all New HUWAEI LTE Sites as per proposed design.
Suprevision and Performing high level work orders for Different Vemdors and Contractor in Assigning List of New Site(s) for Transmission Readiness
and provide execution of activities such as Node B's Preparation for Integration, Service Order Request Workflow (SOR) verification and provide a solution for problematic Circuits ID's. Proper coordiation for Network Operations Center (NOC) for configuration of ALU_ADMs and HUW_TXM ADMs' up to building up the MPLS_TP Cloud Networks and Preparation for New 4G_LTE.
Provide Migration IP PLAN for 3G_ALU/HUW RNC to RNC Rehoming on STM-1 Level (SDH/PDH) E1-to-FE_PTP FE_PTP-to-FE_PMP Migration and to the New ALU_7750 Lan SW to RNC's from Different BSC's Location. Make sure that all configuration for both IP Backhaul to Microwave Radio Side are confirmed and Tested from End-2-End without PACKET LOSS and Cleared of Any Alarms. Performing Tasks and Follow up regarding the Update Status for all MW TXM Links to Finalize the Transmission IP Plan as per designed.
Experience and Knowledge of Handling Different Microwave Radio Management Systems and Radio Networks Controllers (RNC) Nokia-Siemens-Networks (NSN) RNC RU20 Installation and Commissioning/ALU_Alcatel Lucent MXC/MPR's/AWY/1650&1662_ADM's/7750/7450/7210 Service Router Switch)/(HUW TXM OSN BTS Node B 3900/3812 and HUW LTE RTN 8500 and 9500.
Managing tickets and perform coordination in multiple parties (Vendors/Contractors/Technicians) in a timely and professional manner in order for the completion of different related Issue's especially for VIP and Higher Management request Level.
Backhauling Implementation & Chief Technician (MW Radio Transmission)
Mobily Etihad Etisalat Company (GSM Operator in KSA) 20TH December 2008 31ST July 2011
Al Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Eastern Province
Assigned as a MW Backhaul Implementation & Planning which responsible in MW Transmission Network Phase Roll Out Project for HUAWEI 3G Mobily RAN Project in Eastern and Northern Part of the Kingdom which consist of 156 Sites as per BoQs for L+3 PHASE and 183 Sites as per BoQ for L+4 PHASE. Support the 42Mpbs Project for All 3G Sites to support HSPA and HSPA+. Collect and evaluate project data and Involvement in SWAP Project and in doing Site MIGRATION from PDH-SDH (E1-STM_Level) then FE-PMP (Fast Ethernet to Point-To-Multi-point), raise issues and suggest interventions based on observations for each problematic sites which encounter on daily activities. Develop project documentation as requested by senior project engineers and managers to implement the plans based on agreed time. Implementing and Perform to Applied a Service Order Request (SORs) for 2G/3G/MDTs/Cut over and Expansion Request via IOP/BMC Remedy Tools. Perform proper coordination to the NOC (Network Operation Center) for implementing the requested TCN by the vendors and contractors in providing detailed activities for any related issues such as day/midnight activities for site access to avoid service interruption as per Standard Operational Procedure.
Supervise vendors and contractor in project implementation to ensure that construction is in accordance with the approved designs and technical specifications. Provide solutions to project issues arising under the guidance of more senior project staff. Verifies As Built BoQ's, delivery notes submitted by the contractors. Verification of Transmission Type as per design and planed using the MAPInfo Tools and Conducts testing, commissioning and site acceptance of all MW Radio Equipments. Maintains record database of all items delivered and installed in coordination with the vendors and contractors. Willing to work on different shift and to travel.
Perform more complex actitivities and assignments of specific engineering tasks which responsible for Transmission preparation such as testing of Networks and Nodes from BSC (RNC) to Fiber TxM Node (Alcatel ADM or HUAWEI OSN Tx Equipment) up to Node B (HUAWEI BTS 3900/). Making sure that the TxM Availability is 100% Free of Alarm till the Site is Integrated and Announced to be ON AIR. Perform configuration and Soft X-connection using ALCATEL Transmission ADM/MXC Equipment as per assigned K.L.M. design via Air Interface from RNC up to the BSC. Experienced and exposure in handling different MW Transmission equipment such as ALCATEL LUCENT AWY Indoor MW Radio/MXC and the New Alcatel_Lucent 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) Equipment which first all-IP microwave transport platform, that is designed to provide high-capacity, cost-efficient backhaul capability for mobile operators, helping reduce operating expenses substantially and most comprehensive vision for the evolution of mobile networks from TDM to all-IP. And ALCATEL LUCENT Service Router (SR7750)/SAS-E 7210 (Service Access Switch) used for delivering a new wave of and mobile services on a single IP/MPLS network.
Telecommunication Engineer
(Transmission SDH/DWDM)
Saudi Technical Engineering Systems Associated (STESA) 01ST February 2008 02ND November 2008
Subsidiary of THALES France
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Project Mobily, Bayanat, Integrated Telecommunication Company (ITC)
(SNFN_JP Saudi National Fibers Network Joint Parteners Project)
Assigned as Telecom Transmission Engineer which responsible in handling SDH/DWDM CISCO Equipment such as ONS 15454/ONS 15600 DXC and CISCO 29500 / 3400 Swicth Router Network for integration,configuration, testing and commissioning of Fiber Optics Ring network througout the Kingdom. Provide remote support in installation, monitoring, operation, maintenance and optimization in network software communication links for all Repeaters and Cell Site Stations.
Responsible in managing and supervising the on-site activities of sub-contractors engaged in all fiber transmission equipment Network Roll-Out including OSP fiber infrastructure, internal cabling, equipment room fit-out, and network equipment implementation, up to final acceptance and hand-over to the customer. Working as a team for software architecture group and delivering a framework of circuit creation for the node(s) circuit and perform provisioning of SDH/ DWDM using Cisco Transport Terminal-CTC Java v8.5 Software. Perform Maintenance Downtime (MDT) during international circuit transfer, co-ordination with the Network Operation Center (NOC) for clearing the work order and clearance 99.999% Reliability Zero fault error.
Telecommunication Consultant
(Integration and Commissioning Engineer)
Saudi Ericsson Communication Company Limited 04TH September 2007 28TH November 2007
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Project (STC & Mobily GSM) Saudi Telecommunication Company & Mobily Communication Company
Assigned as consultant which responsible in configuration, integration of Ericsson 2G/3G Radio Access Network-(RAN) System NODE B RBS 3206 /3202 and WCDMA Platform. Perform installation for all Ericsson BSS, RBS Product and core networks, provide software installation, upgrade on new Nodes. Responsible in providing technical leadership and On-Site-Support to the projects being executed in the field.
Provide on-site expertise in installation of Ericsson GSM RBS 2216/2206/2116 Indoor/Outdoor Equipment , Radio Antenna, Mini-Link E_TN High Capacity GSM Antenna (Kathrein Tri-Band) with Frequency Unit of 900MHz/1800MHz/1900Mhz. Termination of all Antenna Feeder Cablle, IF Cable for Radio Equipment and Eltek Power Supply for the equipment. Installation and Termination of NPU Module for Transmission equipment rack and E1 Circuits from Tx/Rx Side, perform loop back test and Termination of power cables from rectifier to RBS, to DCDP. Perform Line Verification sweeptest for antenna feeder, Distance-to-fault (DTF) ans VSWR Test using Agilent/Anritsu Site Master, provide the print out result for site documentation completion. Perform alarm simulation and provisioning using Ericsson OMT R33_6/R33_7/OMS 1200_R3.5S_W software. Proper coordination with the OSS/MSC for site activity. Supervision of sub-contractor and performing TRU Expansion, Upgrade for every change(s)/change-out in the RBS 2202 to 2206 and perform MDT (Maintenance Down Time).
Responsible for maintaining, rectification and reporting implementation progress against plan or provide Red Line Report, resolving issues on site, escalating any major issues or deviations, monitoring sub-contractor performance and competence, ensuring that all records and documentation required for site acceptance are completed.
Senior Electronics and Communication Engineer
( Radio Optimization Engineer)
IBCOL Technical Services GmbH 22ND May 2005 30TH June 2007
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Project Government Telecommunication Facilities for Royal Guard Mililitary
Responsible in performing appropriate configuration data especially in Ericsson Packet Core Network /ATM and GPRS and Multi protocol label switching. Provide testing and integration,upgrades S/W and H/W according to project site plan documentation. Provide Testing and verification of installed communication radio networks, execute activities by changing parameters,features or modification the design to improve indicators or network Optimization. Support proposal efforts (Network Design) for the new expansions in radio networks and provide Remote assistance. Perform Troubleshooting, locate faults and configuration activities
Project Government Surveillance Facilities for Royal Guard Military
Supervision for Installation of Security equipment of Royal Guard Mililitary inside Training ground facililities (Ground zero to Point to Point Location) including Antenna jamming system and bugging device use for monitoring and surveilance purposes. Responsible for Operation & Maintenance of Highly Sophisticated Electronics and Surveillance Security equipment such as Bugging device, Antenna jammer, ANDROSS Telerob Robotics and Hi-scan machine unit use by the Royal Military Guard. Daily system monitoring and repair CCTV,card reader, DCUs, DCBs, Repair and refurbished damaged part of the system. Performed installation, testing and calibration of the equipment. Preparation of monthly report and inventory for all spare parts materials. Proper co-ordination with the Site Project Manager and provide technical support for other Projects if needed.
GSM Integration Engineer BTS/BSC
TELEDESIGN PH - Telecom Data International Company Incorporated Philippines (TDIC) 01ST August 2003 10TH May 2005
Valle Verde Pasig City, Philippines
Project (Smart GSM Swapping and Globe Telecom Phase 10 and 11)
(Smart Telecommunication Company & Globe Telecommunication Company)
Responsible for Integration and Configuration of NOKIA EDGE 900/1800MHz and WCDMA 3G Nokia Optima. Perform Installation and Commissioning of NOKIA Power System (PSSS 6000 EmPower 1100). Responsible for conducting SWAP and changing-out of Nokia Intratalk (GSM 900/1800Mhz) To Nokia Ultra site EDGE (GSM 900/1800 Mhz) for SMART Communication Project. Performed Line-of-Site (LOS) Verification Site Testing and Commissioning including integration and troubleshooting for proper operation of the Equipment. Termination and conduct wiring of PCM Signal, control and Alarm cables. Lying of Feeder including its support and connector, grounding protection and Perform feeder cable test for VSWR, Return Loss and Distance to Fault.
Installation of Indoor & Outdoor ERICSSON RBS 2202/2206/2106 for Globe Telecom Phase 10 & 11 Roll-out Project and Eltek Emerson Power System. Perform termination for feeder, EMP Grounding Protection equipment and also for Antenna grounding protection. Assemble of Ericsson Microwave Radio Unit (RU) Antenna, mounting bracket and jumper cables. Preparation and Investigate of all records that may have influenced on the project make final report and perform procedure for all materials that will basis for an agreement on the Confirmed System Design. Implementing Standard and Provide safety procedure.
Telecommunication Engineer
(Installation/Operation and Maintenance)
MERALCO Industrial Engineering Services Corporation (MIESCOR) 30TH June 2001 10TH July 2003
Ortigas Pasig City, Philippines
Installation, Maintenance of NORTEL Meridian Option 11 PABX Trunk Line Equipment including Remote Line Unit (RLUs) and termination of E1-30 Channels, Perform Preliminary and Final Acceptance Line Testing (PAT/FAT). Installation of Fiber Optic Cable into ODF/DDF Rack including Splicing, Testing and Commissioning.
Switching Engineer II
Digital Telecommunication Philippines Incorporated (DIGITEL PHILIPPINES) 05TH January 1997 20TH June 2001
(3rd GSM Operator in Philippines Known as SUNCELL PH)
Libis Quezon City, Philippines
Supervision of OSP/ISP Fiber Team in performing Structured Cabling and implementation, including of materials, infrastructure requirements, installation methods and standard practices, testing and quality checks. Perform switching site activities and network Signaling creation for both Ericsson and Non-Ericsson nodes. Proper co-ordination with site managers, external and internal customers and understanding of their situation and needs.
Responsible for Operation and Maintenance of Digital Switching Equipment, ERICSSON AXE10, AXE810 & NEAX 61E using Unix Oracle database software system. Re-configuration, termination of SDH/PDH from tributary fort Tx/Rx signal via fiber optic cable during ongoing changes in the system. Maintain 99.999% Reliability w/in 24Hours (Fault Cleared Alarms within target times), Loss of time during troubleshooting & fault restoration. Set-up Microwave Antenna Disk for expansion project, Feeder testing, Radio Frequency Interference surveying and provide Line-of-Site (LOS) verification testing for path profile. Implementation and Integration of Engineering work order during changes in the system by using Integrated Customer Network Management System ICNMS/ICMS.
RNC Installation and Commissioning (RU20) LTE NETWORK DESIGN and DIMENSIONING TRAINING
Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Huawei Technology Investment Company
Sponsored by Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Sponsored by Huawei University
NSN Training Academy Riyadh City Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Radisson Blu Hotel Jeddah City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
February 04 05, 2012 May 19 20, 2012
Sponsored by Telecoms Academy Sponsored by Huawei University
Novotel Hotel Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rashed Towers Al Khobar City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
December 20 21, 2011 November 20 23, 2011
LTE (Long Term Evolution) Overview Training ALCATEL LUCENT SROS 8.0 & 7750 SR 8.0 HARWARE OVERVIEW
Sponsored by Huawei University Sponsored by Alcatel Lucent University Timisoara (ALU Romania)
Intercontinental Hotel Al Khobar City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Holiday Inn Al Khobar City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
February 21, 2011 October 02 06, 2010
Sponsored by Telefocal Asia Private Limited Sponsored by Wi-Max Company Mobily Vendor Contractor
Andalusia Golden Tulip Inn Hotel Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Monroe Hotel Beirut Lebanon
July 03 07, 2010 December 07 09, 2009
Certification on Secure Module I (Examination Passed) Certification on Secure Module II (Examination Passed)
Sponsored by Mobily IT Department Sponsored by Mobily IT Department
Riyadh Human Resources Department Riyadh Human Resources Department
June 2010 August 2009
Saudi National Fiber Network SNFN Joint Partners Project for Mobily Etihad Etisalat Company, Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) & Bayanat Company
Sponsored by THALES_STESA Saudi Technical Engineering Systems Associated Subsidiary of THALES France
STESA Training Facilities Al Sulayh Area Exit 16
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
February 23, 2008 March 23, 2008
Sponsored by General Dynamics Canada / IBCOL Technical Services GmbH IBCOL Training Facilities Al Yamama Palace
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
June 16 28, 2006
Meralco Training Center Ortigas, Philippines Sponsored By Sumitomo Electric Meralco Training Center Ortigas, Philippines
January 13 31, 2003 July 23, 2002
Meralco Training Center Ortigas, Philippines Sponsored By Digitel Philippines NEAX Training Exchange Libis, Quezon City
December 3 5, 2002 May 22 25, 2001
Sponsored By Digitel Philippines Incorporated Sponsored By Digitel Philippines Incorporated
Room 5 Head Office Training Center Room 5 Head Office Training Center
Libis, Quezon City Libis, Quezon City
May 16, 2001 May 17 - 18, 2001
New Era University Hall AVR Room B Sponsored By National Power Corporation
Diliman, Quezon City Philippines Quezon City Philippines
January 14, 2000 February 11, 2000
Symposium on Pneumatics, Electro - Pneumatics New Era University Hall AVR Room B
Programmable logic Controllers (PLCs) Diliman, Quezon City Philippines
FESTO Training Center Makati City, Philippines March 10, 1999
March 19, 1999

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Job Type: Any Job Type
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