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Resume keywords summary: switch, transport, rnc, bsc, umts, rns, ran, 2g, 3g, alcatel, nokia, atm, t1, oc3, oc48, alu, lcp, mgw, translation

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Experience level: 2-5 years
Profile/Cover Letter: NAPOLEON GARCIA


Alcatel-Lucent and AT&T Mobility (Billings, MT, USA)
Position Title UMTS CORE Engineer (Contract)
July 12, 2010 present
1. Provide on-site support as UMTS Engineer for Billings, Montana for a UMTS-3G MSC Network which consists of LCP, MRF, uMGW & pMGW, RNCs, NodeBs and other transport elements such as AT&T 1671 DACs, 7670 MSN/RSP (ATM), Cisco 7609 (SIGTRAN), H.248. The MSC Engineer job involves, Trunk Group Build, Translation Datafill (Channel Groups, Point Codes, Digit Tables, Route List, etc), T1 testing and turn up and DACs provisioning.
2. UMTS Engineer duties includes daily Operations and Maintenance (OA&M) activities for the MSC located at Billings, MT. The on-site engineer will also work with the AT&T NOC and ALU RTS to help diagnose and troubleshoot HW and SW problems which also will include SW upgrades and maintenance using ALU MI-GUI and WMS.
3. The UMTS Engineer supports AT&T in updating all pertinent Network Translations, System parameters (Call Servers, Device Servers, SS7 Signaling, Digit Tables, Route Tables, LG+, IMS) changes as required for fixing data/voice call processing problems besides being responsible for resolving all MSC network related issues and outages and provide Root Cause Analysis to all network users (AT&T-ALU).
4. The UMTS Engineer performed datafill activities in the LCP database and conducts ICOT testing on TG Turn-ups, E911 call testing to PSAPs, coordinates with telco in activating E911 trunks, validates E911 datafills according to TVW (PSAP ID, MCC, MNC, SAC, LAC, ESRK, ESRN, DPC, etc).
5. The UMTS Engineer supports 3rd party vendors equipment in the MSC complex environment. The Engineer can work with turning up the TG/T1s and trains the local AT&T Switch Tech. Training them to be familiar with the LCP Blades and, FS-GUI and Views associated with TG/T1 Turn-up, including awareness of where to check in the FS-GUI (Softswitch). They will need to be familiar with the pMGW card/port layout, TL1 Commands associated with TG/T1 Turn-up. They will need to be familiar with the MI-GUI to view the various alarms and correlate them with AT&T's Netcool System.
6. The UMTS Engineer performs OAM to check IuCS/IuPS Link States, RNCs (DPC), RNCs RANAP Trunk groups, PSTN Trunk Groups (E911, Toll, Local) (eg In Service, or OOS), and be able to restore.

AT&T Mobility (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Position Title MSC Tech II (Full-time)
September 2, 2008 July 9, 2010
1. Preventative maintenance on network elements (Facility walk-thru, alarm clearing, daily report)
2. Software/Data backups of network elements (DACs, BSCs, RNCs)
3. Facility (DS0/T1/DS3/T3 SONET OC48/12/3) test and acceptance using test equipment (T-Berd 2310 and NetAnalyst)
4. Provision, trace and test PSTN, IMT, MGW, RAB and GSM/UMTS trunks (A-bis, A-ter, A-links, GB Links, IuB, IuR, IuPS, IuCS, IMA) based on Engg Database/Granite Xng database according to
a. Network Design Parameters (NDP)
b. Engineering Design Package (EDP)
c. Transport Network Design (TND)
d. Customer Inquiry Questionnaire (CIQ)
e. Re-homes/Rebalance/Cutsheet
5. Provision DACs (Alcatel 1630, 1631, 1671) equipment (i.e. build and cross-connect)
6. Install DSX-1 cross connects (ADC Panels)
7. Install LGX fiber cross connects (ADC Panels)
8. Fiber optic cable maintenance (Cleaning, Power testing)
9. Support with BSC, TCSM, SGSN, BTS, RNC, UTRAN, WCDMA, MGW and switch migrations/re-homes (Nokia DX-200, ALU LCP, Nortel Passport 15K/RNC 9370) but not limited to the following
a. Commissioning, integration and testing
b. Software upgrades/patches
c. Operations and maintenance (alarm clearing, health checks)
d. Advanced troubleshooting
e. Vendor supervision and quality enforcement
10. Alarm clearing and troubleshoot circuit paths based on CTS tickets (Remedy)
11. Interpretation of equipment logs and performance reports to identify system degradation to aid with fault isolation (KPI, RET).
12. Operation and maintenance of R99, R4, GSM Switch (Nortel DMS-200), BSC (Nokia BSC3i), TCSM (Nokia), SGSN (Nokia) and BTS (Nokia) equipment using OSS. This includes augments and integration of each network node.
13. Operation and maintenance of R5, R6, 3G-MSC (ALU LCP, HLR, VLR, WCS, MGWs, SS7, LMRS), UTRAN (RNC 5200/9370), and NodeB equipment using ALU 9353 OMC-UPS, MI-GUI, FS-GUI, 9353 WMS/CAS, Softswitch. This includes augments and integration of each network node.
14. Operation, maintenance and provisioning (VPI, VCI, IMA) of ATM Switches equipment (ALU 7670RSP NMS 5620).
15. Complex trouble-shooting of switching and ancillary systems (True Position E911Cisco Catalyst 6505, 7609 & Juniper M320 Routers Tektronix GeoProbe Acterna Centest 650 Tektronix SPIPROBE Symmetricom Tyco Power Plant) with minimal assistance from Technician III or Manager.

T-Mobile/Ericsson/Apeiron (Brea, California, USA)
Project TMO CA/NV Re-design Project
Position Title Transport/DACS Engineer (Contract)
November 26, 2007 July 30, 2008
Job Description
1. Perform cut-over of Ericsson BSC-T1 remotely (GSM & UMTS)
2. Perform cut-over of circuits (DS0/DS1/OC-3, OC-12, OC-48) for Tellabs 5500
3. Perform inventory of T3, T1 circuits assignment at DSX panel and Granite/Xpercom Database.
4. Perform cross-connect on the NGX/DSX Panels by fiber/patch-cable or hard-wire
5. Perform configuration and cross-connect of Tellabs 5500 and Alcatel 1631
6. Maintain the integrity of Alcatel 1631 DACS using GEM1352, Tellabs 5500 DACS using Metrowatch, Alcatel 7670/7470 ATM switches using Go-Global UX and Alcatel NMS 5260
7. Perform hardware installation, routine maintenance and alarm monitoring/clearing of switching complex and interpret reports.
8. Use sophisticated test instruments (T-Berd 2310), measuring devices, meters and hand tools in analysis, adjusting, installing, wiring, repairing, maintaining BSC, MSC, wireless site, transmission and associated equipment.
9. Perform verification of circuit IDs (RBLT, RB3, MALT, RALT) prior to cut-over.
10. Interface with technicians from the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) assisting with installation, testing and maintenance of telephone facilities.
11. Performs installation and growth procedures as required by general supervision.
12. Execute engineering work orders (WO) using Homer and methods of procedures (MOPS).

Nortel Networks/Manning Global (Nassau & Freeport, The Bahamas)
Project Upgrade to Nortel R4 Switch
Position Title R4 MGW Integration Engr (Contract)
October 16, 2007 November 23, 2007
Job Description
1. Perform R4 MGW integration of Nortel Passport 15K. Migration of BSCs and Trunks to R4 Call Server
2. Perform Nortel MSC switch datafill
3. Perform inventory of T1 circuits assignment
4. Perform cross-connect on the DSX Panels by patch-cable or hard-wire
5. Perform configuration and cross-connect of Nortel Optera OM3500/OM5000 Series/OM6000 Series
6. Perform provisioning of Nortel MGW (15K) using customers CIQ
7. Perform testing of T1 circuits for PSTN and GSM
8. Perform configuration of Nortel PP8600 switch (Lab Environment) for MGW using Site Manager. Configuration is not limited to IP Subnetting, VLAN, Spanning Tree Protocol, MPLS, and OPSF.
9. Perform configuration of Nortel APS (Recording Announcements)

CA-TEL (Phoenix, AZ, USA)
Position Title Cable, Data, Tel Technician (Permanent)
May 6 October 12, 2007
Job Description
1. Install and activate customers MTA, STB or RG, cable TV and data service (COX Communications)
2. Perform service call to COX customer within the service area
3. Perform configuration and testing of Set Top Box (STB), Remote Gateway (RG) for digital/packet cable communications
4. Operate test equipment to check signal levels of video and data
5. Perform troubleshooting of customer equipment and in-house wiring
6. Report any outage from customer site and coordinates with Operations Center for support.
7. Install RG-6 cable drops from pole and house wrap-around to customer premises
8. Install NIU box for new connect and terminate tap points.
9. Perform installation of CAT-5e cabling on high rise building.
10. Perform end-to-end test of CAT-5e cable on-site.

Netview, Inc. (Charlotte, NC, USA)
Project Upgrade of Network for Wacovia (LAN, VoIP and WAN)
Position Title Network Engineer (On-call)
May 17 July 31, 2007
Job Description
1. Perform racking and stacking of network equipment on site (Arizona Market) as per rack elevation and layout.
2. Installation of HP R1500 G2 UPS, Cisco 2821 Router, Cisco Catalyst 3560, and Cisco 7960 VoIP phones.
3. Perform end-to-end connection of Cisco 2821 router from the NIU and remote demarcation block.
4. Integrate Cisco Catalyst 3560 and Cisco 7960 VoIP phones
5. Power-up all network equipment inside the rack
6. Perform testing and ensure all network equipment is functioning as per procedure performed.
7. Perform call testing on Cisco 7960 VoIP phones.
8. Coordinate with the Control Center and report accomplishment of job performed.
9. Ensure everything is done according to plan and procedure before leaving the site.

Cingular Wireless/APEX System Inc (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
Project T1 Roll-out
Position Title Switch Technician (Contract)
February 16, 2006 March 30, 2007
1. Perform switch operations and maintenance of Cingular MSC GSM/UMTS network (DMS-MTX/TDMA/R4, Lucent RNC, PSAX, UMTS and Nokia DX-200/BSC2i/3i) in Phoenix, Arizona. This includes optimization, rehomes, hard-wire, jumpering, T1/DS3 activation, SONET (OC-3, 12, 48) mapping, datafilling, alarm monitoring/clearing.
2. Manage and administer the HP Windows Servers running application software for Ericsson Mini-Link Manager and Ericsson Microwave Manager.
3. Perform basic datafill on the Lucent Core, DMS DMS-MTX/TDMA/R4 switches. This includes CLLI, Trunk Groups, SS7 Linksets, etc.
4. Perform preventive and corrective maintenance of DMS and Nokia switches/network elements
5. Perform resolution of fault thru alarm monitoring and surveillance
6. Install and maintain software patches, policies and agents during maintenance windows
7. Build, Integrate and cutover new BTS, RAN to Nokia BSC/TCSM, RNC
8. Support with BSC, BTS, RNC, UTRAN, MGW and switch migrations/re-homes (Nokia, ALU, Nortel Passport 15K)
9. Operation and maintenance of ATM Switches equipment (Alcatel-Lucent 7670RSP NMS 5620).
10. Rehoming of BTS to Nokia BSC/TCSM through available Engineering database (Granite)
11. Documents network fault in Remedy electronic trouble ticketing system, always providing who, what, when, where and why activities in each log entry made
12. Perform cross-connect on Alcatel 1630/1671 and Titan 532 DACS thru the use of NetAnalyst/Centest/TL1 Commands. This includes DS0, T1, T3, STS1, OC3, OC12 on E911, Ater, Abis, etc.
13. Perform data backup of Switches, BSC, DACS, and media gateway thru Unix (AIX), TL/1 and MML Commands.
14. Developed login scripts in Unix for network equipment (DMS, DMS-SDM, Lucent RNC, Nokia BSC, Alcatel DACS and Cisco Routers)
15. Maintain the Spare Cards inventory of MSC GSM/UMTS Network Elements.
16. Updates the network documentation of each NE in the entire network such trunking diagram, routes and bandwidth capacity.
17. Coordinates with field technicians and other service provider and vendors on activation and cut-over of network trunks/facilities, BTS cellsites and resolution of trouble tickets.
18. Maintain a 99.99% reliability of all network elements and physical plant facilities
19. Perform site survey of cellsite as required in the updating the Cingulars database.
20. Train other technicians as necessary
21. On call 24-hour a day

Independent Contractor (Mesa, Arizona, USA)
Position Title System and Network Analyst (Consultancy)
June 5 November 30, 2005 (Contract)
Job Description
1. Providing high-level expertise in the development cycle of Application Software for Modesto Health Care Co. in Arizona, USA.
2. Providing consultation in the areas of system development cycle, software quality assurance and network infrastructures. Notwithstanding network consultation in the areas of LAN/WAN, Routers, Fiber Optics, Remote Location and networking protocols (TCP/IP, IP, VoIP, ATM, SMNP, etc.)
3. Oversee the operations of Windows 2003 server for the application software and network system using HP and DELL desktop computers.

(Between 1999 and mid-2005, I was in the Philippines running my own Cyber Caf business until I migrated to the United States)
Nortel Networks/GVT (Curitiba, Brasil)
Global Professional Services
Project NMC Roll-out
Position Title NOC Consultant for GVT (Contract)
October 23, 2000 January 16, 2001
Job Description
1. Provides high level experienced in the management and operational procedures of Network Operations Center (NOC) of Global Village Telecom (GVT) of Brasil.
2. Supervise the overall network of GVT. GVT Network is composed of 19 Nortel DMS 100 switches, 90 UE-9000 cabinets, 10 Teledata Cabinets, Preside SDH, NMS Passport, 185 Harris Mocrowave Radios, 18 ECI WLL sites, 20 Nortel CVX, Radius, Shasta and Optivity.
3. Provide consultation in the areas of network of LAN/WAN, Routers, Fiber Optics, Remote Location and networking protocols (TCP/IP, IP, VoIP, ATM, SMNP, etc.)
4. Supervise the operations and maintenance of hardware platform on Nortel-DMS, Sun Microsystem, HP OpenView, and NE.
5. Prepares and implement GVT-NMS objective, duties and responsibilities of the organization.
6. Establishes a working organizational chart of GVT-NMS group.
7. Prepares and recommend Escalation/Workflow procedures that will define inter-relations of groups in GVT.
8. Prepares and recommend workflow process to facilitate work order activation of circuits such E1 activation.
9. Implement analysis procedure on given data or information in the NOC such as daily report and DMS 100 Managers Report.
10. Develop a contract between other telecom carriers in establishing Service Level Agreements.
11. Design and wrote the specification for GVT-NMS Information System that will facilitate the access of information in the NOC. This system is a tool the will help NOC engineers/operators in getting information in real-time and automated process.
12. Recommend and implements a manpower table necessary in manning GVT-NOC.
13. Ensures GVTs NOC in providing optimum surveillance and maintenance of network. Thru, Fault Management system in every network node of GVT via Network Management System located in NOC.
14. Assess and evaluates the existing GVT NOC on how to support procedures and configuration of the network and implement the changes approved by management.
15. Introduced a Telecom Fraud primer and Security measure in protecting GVTs network against telecom fraud.
16. Wrote the HTML program of GVT-NMS unofficial website (http// for presentation to management.
17. Act as the single point of contact between Nortel Global Professional Services personnel and GVT management.

(Between 1997 and 1998, I was in the Philippines working for Bayantel Telecommunications Holdings (BayanTel) as an Assistant Manager for Network Operations Center)

(Between 1987 and 1997, I was in the Philippines working for Phil Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) as an Application Software Developer for Operations Group)


Fifteen (15) years of experience in the field of Telecoms and Computers. Held various positions in Computer Support, Integration, Help Desk, Network Management, Network Operations, IS Development Team, Testing and Development, Data Center Operations, 24x7 Operations and Facilities Management.
Authored the technical specification of Operations Support System (OSS) for Network Operations Center (NOC) at Global Village Telecoms (Brasil) which was implemented. Thus, increasing 40% efficiency of network engineers in the performance of their duties.
Managed the project roll-out of BayanTel Telecommunications Regional Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC) for the decentralized network management and remote back-up of NOC. This will provide 99% availability in performing Network Management.
Project implementation of PLDT ICUP Information System for the central gathering of telephone traffic statistic in 26 remote locations. Reducing 50% of manpower required in the preparation and gathering of Traffic Study Results of central offices nationwide.
Developed application software for Telephone Traffic Study/Statistics using Pascal Language and FoxPRO which reduces the summarization/processing time by 85%.
Developed UNIX scripts in performing data backup for Cingular Wireless (GSM&UMTS) DMSC-R4, BSC2i/3i, SGSN, True Position E911, Alcatel 1630SX/1671 DACS, and SDM using inherent functions which reduces the manual procedure to 80%.
Developed DACs scripts in performing cross-connect of T1, DS0 circuits for T-Mobile (Southern California) transport equipment (Tellabs 5500, Alcatel 1631) which reduces downtime on cell site and transport re-homes.


Telecommunication Standards/Equipment
ITU-T, TMN, OSI, Traffic Engineering, Nortel DMS 100/200/300, Passport/Media Gateway, CVX, Preside NMS, Shasta, Optivity, Siemens EWSD/EWSA, Ericsson AXE, AXE Local, AXE Transgate, AXE TransLocal, CME20/CMS40, Nokia NSS (DX-200 MSC&HLR, IN), Nokia BSS (DX-200 BSC2i/3i, TSCM2, BTS), Nokia NMS (2000/5000), True Position E911, Alcatel DACs 1630, 1671, Alcatel Spatial (MGW), Microwave Radios, Titan 532, ADTRAN, Battery and Rectifier Power System, Nortel Optera 3500, Nortel Multi-Service Switch PP8600, Nortel APS, Tellabs 5500, Alcatel 7670 RSP/7470 ATM, Alcatel-Lucent LCP, uMGW, pMGW and RNC 5200/9370, NodeBs

Applications Software
Microsoft Office, MS Project, Microsoft Publisher, VISIO 2003, Internet Softwares, Informix, Quick Books 2005, Oracle, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, Microsoft FrontPage, ACT, Visual Route, AutoCAD, SecureCRT, ACDSee 2, WS FTP Pro, Cisco ConfigMaker, CiscoWorks, HP OpenView (Network Node Manager 7.5), MML Commands, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW 9, GIS, Software Quality Assurance (Black and White Box Testing, Load Testing, Functional Testing), True Position EMS/Scout, Remedy, Granite System, Reflections FTP, Nortel CLI Manager 4.0, Nortel Site Manager 8.1, Nortel Device Manager, Alcatel 5620 NMS, Homer, VPN, Go-Global, HP CDE, Metrowatch, REACT, ALU OMC-UPS, ALU WMS, LSS Softswitch

Programming Languages
Turbo Pascal, FoxPRO, FoxBASE, C Language, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic, TL/1, J2EE,, Unix Scripts, Joomla 1.5, Wordpress

Operating Systems
Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista, Active Directory, Internet Information Services, HPUX/OpenView, HP-Windows, HP Network Node Manager, IBM AIX, CP/M, SunOS, RedHat Linux/Fedora Core, Cisco IOS V11.2p

Intel x86 based PCs and servers, HP 1000 Model 21MX, HP 9000 Model 827s, Digital PDP-11/83, Sparc Server 1000, IBM RS/6000+,MacIntosh, 3COM Office Connect Hubs, Internet Shuttle, Planet Internet Gateway, Hubs and Switches, Broadband Router, ISDN Terminal Adapter, BreezeCom BroadBand Wireless, Harris Microwave Radio, Motorola Cable Modems, Motorola Trunking Radio, Cisco 1601-R Router, Planet Wireless Access Point, Planet VoIP Model VIP-000, Planet Wireless LAN Solutions, WAN/LAN setup and configuration, Cisco 65xx, 45xx, 36xx, 35xx, 2821, Cisco Catalyst 3560, Cisco 7960 VoIP Phones, HP R1500 G2 UPS.

Network Standards/Protocols
TCP/IP, IP, IP Subnetting, IPX, IPV4/6, SNMP, VLAN, CORBA, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, PPPoE, DOCSIS, MPLS, BGP, OPSF, SONET, DHCP, DNS, ARP, VoIP, SIP, H.323, Ethernet, EIA RS-232C, RS-449, 802.11, G.711, G.729, SIGTRAN, H.248, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, IP-TV


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Adamson University at Manila, Philippines
Secondary Education, Manila Central University, EDSA, Caloocan City, Philippines

No submited work experiences

Background and Experience

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Adamson University
Major: Electrical Engineering
City: Manila
Country: Philippines
Graduation Date: 15/03/1984
Description: Not Specified


Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences

Job Category: 3g/GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA/UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $60 per hour
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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