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Mobile Application Testing and Automation

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Experience level: 5-10 years
Profile/Cover Letter: Balaji Chellakani
Engineer - Mobile Application Testing & Automation

Mobile Application Testing and Automation
Bachelor of Engineering with over 5+ years of experience in Mobile application testing and automation of 2G & 3G

Having specialized experience in testing and test automation of the network related mobile applications (Browser, SyncML, MMS, IM and Streaming) in various test automation tools.

Working with Tata consultancy services, Chennai as ASE on Handset testing for the past 36 months.

Worked with Sasken communication Technologies Ltd, Bangalore as Software engineer for 30 months on Manual and Automated Testing of Mobile Applications.

Extensive experience in test plan preparation, authoring test cases, test case design, Execution and reporting.

Worked across Component testing, System testing, Sanity testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, SAT testing and Field-testing of Mobile Hardware.

Hands on experience with the error/defect coordination and prioritization.

Experience in setting up test environment and system level testing of various mobile applications like MMS, DRM, E-mail, Browser and SyncML.

Knowledge in Test Scripting tools like Test Quest pro, QTP for Mobile, TQ Countdown and RTRT.

As a technology evangelist with excellent skills in analyses, problem solving & organizational abilities

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) from Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Sivakasi, Madurai Kamaraj University in 2003

September 2006- Till Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai
March 2004 – September 2006 Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, Bangalore

Title : Mobile Application testing and Automation (SONY ERICSSON, Sweden and India)
Description : Project aims to test various SIM properties and Signaling performance in the vendor’s handset using various wireless communication equipments like Agilent, Antrisu, Aspects, GEM Explore SIM editor and CRTC. This also involves the functionality testing of the 3G/2G handsets in the operator’s lab environment. Developed and executed the test cases on handsets to tests functional and feature interaction aspects of the applications. This also involves the setting up of the automation test setup in India.
Role Played : Test Lead and Error Coordinator. Initially with SIM and Signaling testing team Sony Ericsson SWEDEN and over the period moved to testing and error management in Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, INDIA
Software Used : 3G, 2G, SIM editor, Mercury Quality Center, Sony Ericsson Specific test Automation tool. IBM ClearQuest

Title : Handset Testing CoE
Description : Handset COE leverages TCS Experience in the areas of Handset, wireless application and services testing to its customers. It is an extended R&D arm, keeping in pace with the latest technologies and providing state-of-the-art solutions.
Handset COE services include:
 Study and analysis of existing and upcoming testing tools, identifying automation scenarios using the tools. Analyzied test automation tools “TestQuest Pro”, ”TestQuest CountDown”, “Mercury QTP for Mobile” and developed viable test assets
 Provide proactive solutions for test optimization and execution in anticipation to the upcoming handset models feature support.
 Provides cost effective solutions at various stages of handset devices, applications, product and services testing.
Role Played : Senior Test Engineer
Software Used : C, J2ME, TQ Pro, TQ CountDown, QTP for Mobile, NMIT, NowSMS.
Note : Presented TCS handset testing and automation ability to OEMs and service providers

Title : Test case Development and Execution for Mobile applications-MOTOROLA
Description : Project involves the development and execution of Sanity test cases for all the supported applications (SMS, Email, IM, Browser, SyncML) of the Linux based mobile phones and PCB boards. Also involves the build and release management of integrated software.
Role Played : Involved in test case development and execution. Also involved in Integration Build & release management.
Software Used : Linux/Unix Build servers, RTA logger, DDTS, flashing software.

Title : Test case Development and Execution for Mobile applications-DRM- SAGEM
Description : The main focus of this project is testing of functional correctness of DRM application of mobile phones with respect to requirement specification document and design specification document. This DRM system is based on DRM Specification published by OMA (OPEN MOBILE ALLIANCE). Flashing the software onto mobile and carried out on-target testing. Analyzing the failed test cases and to report them as bugs
Role Played : Test Engineer

Title : Mobile applications testing- Component Testing-SIEMENS
Description : Verification of functional correctness and completeness of mobile application SW within component project level according to its requirements specification. The Test Harness would be developed in .NET 2003 with the Component Under Test (CUT) as actual and all other interacting components are made to be stub, that are intelligent enough to support Executable Test Cases. Writing of scripts in C language to identify defects (mainly ‘critical’ and ‘high’ severity defects) related to functionality and interface of the component. The scripts will be automated in Rational Test Real Time (RTRT).
Role Played : Test Engineer
Software Used : C, .NET 2003, RTRT, Source Insight and Clear Quest.

Operating systems : Windows 98/2000/XP and Linux
Programming Language : C, C++, J2ME
Bug Reporting Tools : Clear Quest and DDTS
SCM Tools : Clear Case, CVS and VSS
Other Tools : Nokia Tool kit, Source Insight, RSD lite, Radiocom, RTA and Flash Gordan, Mercury Quality Center, IBM Clear Quest, Crash catcher, NowSMS.
Web Technologies : Basics of XHTML, CSS, CMS
SAT Tools : Power SIM, Power USIM, Gem Explore
Lab Equipments : Agilent, CRTC.
Test automation Tools : Test Quest Pro, TQ Count Down, QTP for Mobile, RTRT, BRAT and Load runner.

Exposure to Mobile Applications
Browser, Web feeds
Radio, Video Streaming

Training Undergone
Basic Telecom & Embedded Systems Training conducted by Sasken communication technologies, Bangalore
Test Quest Pro conducted by Test Quest Inc, Bangalore
Test Quest Countdown conducted by Test Quest Inc, Bangalore
Proficience Program on Computer Networks & Protocols in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore during January – May 2005

International Travel
Have been to Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Lund, Sweden for SIM and Signaling testing.

Passport Details
Name as on passport : Balaji Chellakani
Passport Number : E8712990
Date of Issue : 16.07.2004
Expiry Date : 15.07.2014
Place of Issue : Trichy, India

Employer: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Job Title: Mobile Application Testing and Automation
Start Month/Year: 09/2006
End Month/Year: Current
City: Chennai
Country: India
Description: Working with SonyEricsson Mobile Communication India as a Team Lead - Mobile application Testing.

Role Involves:
Test Cases development based on the requirement, Test Design and Planning. Issue prioritization. Development of Test Scope based on the SW team requirement and project phase. Bug analysis and report generation.
Employer: Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd
Job Title: Software Engineer
Start Month/Year: 03/2004
End Month/Year: 09/2006
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Description: Worked in Siemens Mobile project in Mobile application white box testing. Project involves created of test harness in .net and writing the test script using C++. Automation is done on RTRT.
Worked in Sagem mobile project and executed system test cases in DRM application for Sagem mobiles.
Worked with Motorola Inc. project and executed the test cases for the the linux based mobile phones.

Worked with Clear Case, Radiocom, RSDlite, .Net frame work. RTRT and Perl.

Background and Experience

Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
School Name: Mepco Schlenk Engg college
Major: Electrical and Electronics
City: Sivakasi
Country: India
Graduation Date: 23/06/2003
Description: Completed Electrical and Electronics engineer in 2009.


Language Level
English Fluent

Job Preferences

Job Category: Software Engineering/WirelessTesting
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Flexible
Desired Salary: $0 Unspecified
Desired Location: Not Specified
Willing to Relocate: Yes

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