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UMTS RF Optimization Engineer Jobs

Excellent opportunities for several UMTS RF/Optimization Engineers for both short/long term positions throughout the continental US. Candidates must have good understanding of network topologies and voice and data services. Key skills required are the ability to collect and analyze network performance statistics and the experience to make technical improvement recommendations to incorporate design changes, fine tuning, KPI analysis and statistical counters.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

• Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of GSM/CDMA/UMTS Networks from RF optimization perspective

• Analize drive test and performance statistics

• Produce coverage plots, call drops, handoff results, interference, pilot pollutions, network parameter levels and statistics, analysis, etc.

• coverage plot results

• Proactively resolve RF Optimization field issues, ability to make technical recommendations to improve the system performance

• Implement and monitor KPIs

• Demonstrate efficient written documentation, communication and presentation skills

• Coordinate between drive test team, field team, vendor managers, etc.

• Generate and maintain quality records

• Proactively work toward improving the quality of RF analysis and recommendations for optimization


• Drive test, post processing, fine tuning of network (Neighbor list modification, BTS parameter changes, etc.)

• Optimization tools such as TEMS, Actix, Agilent/Planning tools Asset 3G, Planet EV, etc

• Physical Optimization (changing antenna height and type, azimuth, mechanical or electrical tilt)

• Parameter Optimizatuib (Pilot power, HO, Access parameters, etc.

• Maintain Network KPIs

Education and/or Experience:

• BSEE or equivalent required, MSEE preferred

• 3-5 years GSM/CDMA RF Experience

• 2+ years UMTS design/optimization experience

• Must have strong experience in designing UMTS networks

• Expertise in designing overlay UMTS networks

Other Qualifications:

• Effective oral/written communications skills

• Proven customer skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with all levels of personnel both internally and externally (within vendor and end-customer environment)

• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access and MS Project

• Candidates need to either have a valid visa to work in the USA or be able to obtain a visas by being a passport holder of the Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Chile, or Singapore

• Experienced in


Carrier requirements.

• Strong knowledge and hands-on experience with at least one of following technologies -


• Technical knowledge of GSM/UMTS Certification process, IOT labs, GCF and PTCRB requirements and ability to interact with Interoperability test labs and to troubleshoot and resolve problems they report

• Good understanding of deployed GSM/UMTS networks and how interaction occurs between mobile devices, base stations,



• RF, HW and driver experience is a plus

• Strong written and oral communications skills

UMTS RF Optimization Engineer Jobs