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  • Didit Hermawan
    CV Didit_H [LTE RF Optimzation]
  • Alaa Darwish
    Core Network Engineer
  • Moumita Dey
    2 years 6 Months of experience in SRF -RAN (Srevice Request fullfillment Radio Access Network) and 1 Month experience in RTPM(Real Time Performance Monitoring) in Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dico Diaz
    Telecom Engineer
  • Himanshu Arya
    Microwave Installation and Commissioning

Telecom News
  • 11/08/2010
    Z-Communications has launched an RoHS-compliant voltage-controlled oscillator that is well suited for fixed wireless and digital radio applications that require ultra-low phase noise performance. // more...
  • 03/06/2010
    Omnicity Corp the Midwest's largest and fastest growing fixed wireless broadband service provider, announced its intention to roll-out Motorola's Wireless Networking Solutions product line into its build-out of acquired WISP assets and in aggressive market expansions throughout Indiana and Ohio. // more...
  • 26/05/2010
    AT&T is offering free public Wi-Fi hot spots to help it deal with increasing congestion on its wireless network. // more...
  • 24/05/2010
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has adopted rules that would allow mobile broadband providers to offer services on a 25MHz band of spectrum that's been controversial because of interference concerns from satellite radio provider Sirius XM Radio and other users of nearby spectrum. // more...
  • 19/05/2010
    Clever Communications Australia Limited (ASX:CVA) is the owner and operator of one of Australia’s largest fixed wireless broadband networks. // more...
  • 13/05/2010
    Swazi MTN has not activated the link between the cellular phone network and SPTC’s fixed wireless phone known as One. // more...
  • 12/05/2010
    The Wireless Gigabit Alliance™ (WiGig), which seeks to advance the worldwide adoption and use of 60GHz wireless networking technology, has published a unified specification for its approach and opened an Adopter Program. The move means that WiGig members can now begin developing Wi-Fi (802.11) kit that delivers wireless networking speeds of 'up to' 7Gbps (Gigabits per second) over the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum. // more...
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