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  • bgbeneborgrai OLIVIER
    Moncler vestes hommes
    A consummated Professional and result-oriented Manager with over 14 years field experiences at Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Management, within Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and FMCGs industries in Nigeria.
  • prejeesh james
    telecom engineer
  • sukhdev singh
    IT Infrastructure Head
  • Mohammad Fuad Hossain
    Fuad_Resume _Telecom Engineer with Multi vendor experience.

Telecom News
  • 28/12/2010
    The ITU has decided that both LTE and WiMAX may be known as "4G" technologies, despite neither properly qualifying as part of the fourth generation of mobile technologies. // more...
  • 17/12/2010
    It is looking like it’s going to be a beautiful Christmas in Denver, and it’s not because of the weather. The city is set to be lit up with Sprint 4G signals. There are currently two 4G phones available from Sprint, and both would make lovely holiday gifts for a loved one. // more...
  • 08/12/2010
    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, speaking in an interview with Walt Mossberg at the All Things D Dive Into Mobile event in San Francisco, admitted that his company’s bet on WiMAX technology hasn’t given it the big lead in 4G it had hoped for. // more...
  • 02/12/2010
    LTE vs WiMAX? Will consumers care about these TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) as they decide on a next generation wireless access plan. // more...
  • 13/10/2010
    Today is an historic day in the world of gadgetry; No it's not the day Christopher Columbus discovered GPS to help guide the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria to the New World or wherever he was going. It was on this day in 2010, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launched his company's arsenal of Windows Phone 7 wireless devices. // more...
  • 05/10/2010
    In Japan, UQ is the sole WiMax provider (a little like Sprint in the USA), and although WiMax coverage is far from reaching all parts of the country, UQ has been playing with WiMax 2 already. // more...
  • 29/09/2010
    There have been plenty of doubts and aspersions cast in the direction of Sprint’s burgeoning WiMax network. With industry leaders Verizon and AT&T focused on bringing 4G wireless broadband via LTE in the near future, a lot of pressure has been placed square on the shoulders of Sprint to prove their product’s mettle. // more...
  • 28/09/2010
    First, there was dial-up. Then there were network cables. More recently, Wi-Fi has taken over. Now, there's a new contestant in the Internet connection space, 4G WiMax. // more...
  • 23/09/2010
    Until recently, Internet access basically came in three flavors: broadband, Wi-Fi, and dial-up. Broadband — commonly hooked up in your home through either a DSL or cable modem — can be expensive and isn't available in many remote regions of the country; Wi-Fi, although wireless, has a very limited range; and dial-up is, well, just slow and outdated. // more...
  • 20/09/2010
    While all of the attention is focused on India these days when it comes to WiMAX, Samsung made two deals to supply mobile WiMAX equipment for national networks in Eastern Europe. // more...
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