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10/08/2010 By http://www.ubergizmo.com ( Source: http://www.ubergizmo.com )

Nokia Siemens Networks doubles GSM capacity

The wonders of modern technology - that's what we're marveling about with Nokia Siemens Networks' most recent effort which actually doubles GSM capacity thanks to a technology known as “Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation” (DFCA). Although Japan is phasing out GSM totally, several countries in Europe are giving permission to local operators to use what was once spectrum reserved for GSM, where it has been refarmed for 3G use. Apart from that, emerging markets will be relying on GSM to connect with one another for quite a fair number of years ahead, and DFCA looks well poised to help operators address the challenge of ever increasing voice and data traffic. Hey, if it can help operators save money, we're sure they're all up for it.

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