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13/05/2010 By http://www.eetasia.com ( Source: http://www.eetasia.com )

Smart energy module packs Zigbee, PA, LNA

SyChip Inc. has launched the SyNode, a smart energy embedded module dubbed SN3020 that it claims is the smallest, lowest-power, fully-compliant Zigbee module supporting Smart Energy and Home Automation profiles.

The SN3020 integrates a Zigbee SoC transceiver, power amplifier (PA) and LNA to achieve +20dBm output power and -103dBm receiver sensitivity. It also includes 512Kbyte of serial flash for Smart Energy data-logging.

The SN3020 measures 420mm² and offers low power consumption using SyChip's power-management protocol. In sleep mode, in achieves 1.2µA with timer, 160mA @ 20dBm in transmit mode, and 28mA in receive mode.

Pricing for the SN3020 is between $14 and $28 in low volumes.

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