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30/08/2010 By http://www.pmptoday.com ( Source: http://www.pmptoday.com )

4G iPod Touch to feature Macbook Pro like rear cover?

Here’s the latest on the upcoming 4G iPod Touch which we’re expecting will be launched on September 1. A source reveals that the new look for Apple’s latest iPod Touch will take inspiration from the Macbook Pro. Unlike the iPhone 4 which has a glass-covered flat rear surface, the back of the 4G iPod Touch will reportedly sport a design similar to the “top of a Macbook Pro, only smaller, which is to say flat rather than curved at the center-closer to the look of the first-generation iPod Touch’s back, only with modifications.” We can’t say we’re completely digging the picture he’s painting here, but we’ll see. After all, words can only do so much. He also adds that there will definitely be a rear camera though it’s still not clear whether it will be complemented by a flash just like the iPhone 4 or a microphone a la iPod Nano 5G.

Anyway, with only a few days left before Apple’s event in San Fancisco, it won’t be long now before we eventually find out what the 4G iPod Touch actually looks like and what new treats it has to offer provided, of course, that these 4G iPod Touch rumors is more fact rather than fiction.

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