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11/08/2010 By Shekhar Riat ( Source: http://apexnewsnetwork.com )

A Verizon iPhone by January 2011?

The rumors have been swirling around the internet for months but an iPhone for Verizion subscribers may actually really be coming sometime in 2011.

Popular tech blog Techcrunch reignited the Verizon iPhone rumors when it published a piece on Sunday claiming that its sources had discovered that Apple was buying millions of CDMA chips from Qualcomm. Why would that be significant? Because unlike AT&T and other carriers Verizon phones do not use GSM network technology but rely on CDMA, a rival technology instead. So the logic goes that if Apple is hot to get their hands on significant quantities of CDMA chips they must be getting ready to build an iPhone for Verizon.

Having an exclusive strangle hold on the iPhone has certainly helped a struggling A T&T. In a mobile phone market that is almost at saturation point they still managed to add 900,000 new subscribers in the first three months of 2010, all of them new iPhone users. According to finical analysts, without those smartphone devotees, the company might have posted a loss in contract customers that quarter.

It must be very hard for Apple to ignore the potential that a Verizon deal offers though. Verizon boasts 92.8 million subscribers and the prediction is that they would be able to move about 3 million iPhones a quarter, a figure not to be sniffed at.

Neither Apple or Verizon would comment – as usual – on the iPhone rumors. And some techies say that in any case, the whole deal is too late. Google’s Android phones are eating up a good chunk of the smartphone market right now. It isn’t always easy to get a contract with AT&T and so those without the credentials to do so have turned to the reasonably priced iPhone clone as an alternative. So by January, will anyone even care about a Verizon iPhone, when they are happy with the Droid in their pocket which does many of the same things as the iPhone does? Only time will tell.

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