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Job Details
Penta Consulting
Posted - 29/02/2008

Ericsson Skilled Engineer

Company Penta Consulting
Job Type Contract Job
Job Category Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Salary N/A
Location Global Oppurtunities , All
Education Any
Work Experience Any
Job Reference
Details Penta Consulting require a team of Ericsson Skilled Engineers 3G Customer Project Manager (CPM), Ericsson TDM Engineers - AXE, IN, MGW, Ericsson NMS, MSS/MSC Server/APG/APZ, MSS 4.1, MS Server, APG, A APZ, Ericsson MGW 4.1, H/W installation, ATM/SS7, Sigtran, Ericsson UTRAN, RNC, RXI and Node B, Charging System 3.0, CS3.0, (SDP/AIR/VS/MINSAT/AF/DWS/PSL/CCN/IVR), Ericsson TSP, Ericsson NSS BSS, Ericsson RBS, Ericsson radio network rollout, Ericsson IN, SCP, SDP, VS, AIR MINSAT, Integration, Ericsson Media Gateway Engineers, AXE10 Tester/AXE10 Engineer/AXE10 Designer, Ericsson MSS Engineer, MSC-S and MGW Nodes, AXE, Cello platforms, MGW R4.1, R.12. APZ 212.40 APG40, Ericsson VAS/MMS ELS Engineer, Ericsson MIEP, Ericsson ADC, kn nowledgeable in IP, SMPP, Unix, Solaris, VMS, Sybase, Oracle and Ericsson MMS, Ericsson GPRS node, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/UMTS radio network design. Good knowledge performing RF site survey, coding plan parameters, TCPU 6.1.x and/or Planet EV 4.x, AXD, AXD301, AXD305, AXD D310 and AXD320, APZ 21240 to 21250 on APG 40, CPP/AXE nodes (RBS, BSC, MSC, MSS, HLR, FNR, SCP, STP, ITSC, MGW, MSS, MGw, MSC, BSC, Ericsson OSS O&M, Ericsson UTRAN Engineer, Drive Testing, Ericsson CS (Circuit Switch), C7, SS7, BSS, BSC, Ericsson MSC, (AXE10), BYB 501, G module, 2G and 3G MSC/MGW/HLR/SCP.
Job summary: Job: Ericsson Skilled Engineer All, Global Oppurtunities , , Penta Consulting, category: Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 2
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