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Job Details
Decision Strategies, Inc.
Posted - 16/02/2008

RF Optimization Engineers

Company Decision Strategies, Inc.
Job Type Temporary Job
Job Category 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Salary N/A
Location Mahwah, All
Education Master's Degree
Work Experience 2-5 years
Job Reference
Details WORK WILL BE PERFORMED IN THE Denver Market** RESPONSIBILITY: Plan and execute the RF optimization tasks to optimize clusters in the customer network during the deployment phase. Troubleshoot problem areas and provide recommendations for system performance enhancements. ACTIVITIES: Base Preparation: Review the contract to determine the correctness and feasibility of the RF performance metrics and acceptance criteria. Attend CSS and ODD reviews to assure proper RF requirements and ODD setup. Work with Overall RF lead engineer to understand the RF design, cluster definition, customer expectation, and network configuration. Participate in providing input to the RF sections in the MOP, deployment plan, CATP, and site logistic needs. Determine test equipment needs and work with PCTI to order the equipment from the tools group. On-Site Preparation: Develop and document optimization drive routes and cluster control routes. Ensure spectrum clearance, integration testing, power calibration, and call-through tests are carried out. Perform translation parameter check. Create and implement the initial neighbor list setup. Generate script files necessary for the RF optimization. Perform sanity check on antenna configuration. Study the RF design coverage maps and identify problem areas in terms of coverage, interference, or pilot pollution. RF Optimization: Schedule the activities of the cluster drive test team - drive routes, type of tests, scripts to use, data to process, plots to generate, etc. Analyze the drive test data and identifies problem areas with recommended solutions. Perform antenna audit to assure the correct setup based on the RF design. Recommend and implement changes in various network parameters including translation parameters, antenna configurations, etc. Collect performance metrics and generate plots to highlight performance improvements. Develop final cluster optimization reports and plots for acceptance. Make sure that the Methods and Procedures handbook on optimization is followed correctly and the optimization procedures implemented are consistent with Lucent recommendations. Keep an up to date documentation of optimization related actions, also maintain archives of all collected data for future reference. Perform the RF customer acceptance with the customer. Post-Optimization System Performance Support: Troubleshoot areas with poor RF performance. Request drive tests, analyze data, and recommend network changes. Take measures immediately and inform overall RF lead engineer of the findings. Document cluster performance issues. OUTPUTS: RF section of the deployment plan. Test equipment list. RF sections in the Customer Acceptance Test Plan. Cluster Optimization (control) drive route definition. Cluster Optimization Result Document (statistics, plots, drop call analysis) Punch list of Cluster Problem Area Recommendations. SKILLS: Familiarity with RF Optimization Handbook procedures. Familiarity with RF Optimization tools and test equipment. Familiarity with RF Optimization tunable parameters. Knowledge of antenna configuration. Knowledge of Autoplex system architecture. Knowledge of UNIX shell scripts. Understanding of the Access Technologies (AMPS/TDMA/CDMA) air interface. Understanding of Autoplex Basic Call flow. Understanding the mobile operations. Ability of using Network Performance tools. Troubleshooting
Job summary: Job: RF Optimization Engineers All, Mahwah, , Decision Strategies, Inc., category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 73
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