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Job Details
Posted - 28/11/2007


Company RFExpert
Job Type Contract Job
Job Category 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Salary N/A
Location Brazil
Region: South America
Education Bachelor's Degree
Work Experience 2-5 years
Job Reference
Details Fluency in english and (spanish or portuguese)

- Basic Knowledge of 3G RF dimensioning, planning and optimisation processes

- Basic Knowledge of 3G RNC parameters and 3G RNC KPIs

- Basic Knowledge of RF Planning/Optimisation tools (NetAct Planner or equivalent, optimal planner, 3G optimizer)

- Basic Knowledge of drive test measurement/analysis tool (TEMS, NEMO)

- Basic Knowledge of 3G PlanEditor, 3G Radio Access Configurator tools

- Knowledge of MAPINFO"


The 3G RF Planning engineer is responsible for providing pre-planning, radio planning and pre-launch optimization services for Nokia system customers for WCDMA/HSDPA network implementation projects in collaboration with project team. Key counterparts are Nokia project team (network planning management and colleagues, site acquisition, telecom implementation, project management, technical management) and customer organization (network engineering team). In sell phase, key counterpart are CAT and CBT (service solution manager, cost manager, account management).

The main tasks of a 3G RF planning engineer are:

- Dimensioning the RAN network (number of channel elements, Node-Bs, RNCs) according to the coverage, capacity and quality requirements from the operator

- Planning the Node-Bs in a WCDMA RF planning tool (like NetAct Planner) defining their related parameters: site coordinates, antenna type, antenna height, antenna tilt, antenna azimuth, CPICH power, cable loss, propagation model parameters

- Validating the site configuration in the field during the technical site survey visit and preparing the Technical Site Survey report

- Setting the specific RF parameters for the site to be integrated: RNCid, WBTSid, LcrId, MCC, MNC, LAC, RAC, SAC, CId, UARFCN frequency, scrambling code, T cell, neighbours

- Analysing site performance after integration through drive test measurements and/or OSS measurements,detecting eventual problems and recommending changes to fixing those problems.
Job summary: Job: 3G RF PLANNING ENGINEER - BRAZIL Brazil , South America, RFExpert, category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 40
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