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Job Details
Posted - 18/02/2009

Radio Network Engineers Jobs Kiev Ukraine

Job Type Contract Job
Job Category 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Salary N/A
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Region: Eastern Europe
Education Any
Work Experience 2-5 years
Job Reference
Details 1 Customer Projects
Number of projects handled or participated in, not necessarily at Ericsson, but relevant to the ND/NPI competence area. Requirement of a customer project is any ND/NPI activity directly or indirectly performed towards a customer during a period of minimum 2-3 weeks. In a customer project stretching over a long period of time, different phases of the project can be counted as number of projects.
• Minimum 4 customer projects (not only tenders)

2 Radio network knowledge

2.1 Traffic/Capacity Dimensioning & Design

Knowledge about traffic theory and the factors affecting the capacity of the WCDMA RAN network. Able to dimension a radio network considering both present and future network capacity demands and to evaluate practical solutions

• Knowledge of the various WCDMA RAN Cell Planning steps (WCDMA Radio Network design stages and the tools involved)
• Knowledge of the 3GPP channel models used for Radio Network Design.
• Able to perform cell load calculations.
• Able to analyze traffic measurement from the BSC/RNC and/or MSC and provides high-quality, cost effective and practical solutions for improvements
• Has the competence to implement capacity expansion plans
• Confident in customer meetings regarding traffic discussions and presentations

2.2 Coverage Dimensioning & Design

Understands how to dimension and design a network in order to provide the requested coverage for each of the geographic regions of the network.

• Understands how coverage works, by knowing how to perform a link budget analysis
• Can use the simulation software to perform a design task.
• Understands how to use the appropriate simulation software in order to perform a network design.
• Can teach others on how to perform link budgets and simulations, in order to provide an optimum design.
• Can make recommendations on how to improve the design process.
• Evaluates cost impact of planning decisions (e.g. balancing the coverage gain with a higher antenna versus the tower cost)
• Independently discuss and negotiate design strategies with customer

2.3 Radio Network Performance Improvement

Knowledge of WCDMA RAN performance improvement and the procedures involved.

• Knowledge of service content of WCDMA RAN tuning and optimization processes
• Understands the main steps of WCDNA RAN tuning process (preparations, pilot tuning, etc.)
• Knowledge of drive test tools (TEMS Investigation, etc.), Ability to use most of the features within the drive test tool when required
• Independently defines drive test routes and sets up the equipment
• Able to analyze and interpret the collected data in order to improve the system (coverage, interference, accessibility, retainability, etc.) and to define problem areas (missing neighbor cases, pilot pollution, etc.)
• Can make suggestions on how to modify the network in order to improve its performance, based on the results, and can present the solutions to a customer
• Good knowledge in ITU quality parameters
• Can delivery radio network performance audits
• Discusses optimization strategies with operators

2.4 Network Planning Tools

Knowledge of and capability to use ND/NPI tools needed for own field of work. This category of tools could be used for post-processing and analysis of live data, but their primary purpose is Network Planning.

- TEMS Cell Planner:
• Uses the tool in daily work
• Has a thorough understanding of and high skill in using the tool
• Can judge the result of the tool
• Can present the tool to a customer (if the tool is commercial)
• Has information about latest software version updates
• Can define all parameters and knows how they affect the result

2.5 Map Data

General knowledge about map data

• Understands what map data quality can be produced from what source materials (e.g. satellite imagery, topographical maps).
• Know that there are different co-ordinate systems. Chooses correct co-ordinate system settings when using GPS and RND software.
• Know the difference between vector based and raster based map data.
• Basic knowledge about map data formats in Ericsson ND tools.
• Basic knowledge about how clutter and DTM affect RND activities.
• Have an understanding in map data production methods (time consumption, costs etc.).

2.6 Radio Wave Propagation

General knowledge about wave propagation

• Understands components and parameters for wave propagation
• Chooses correct propagation model for environment. Ability to use different propagation models.
• Able to validate the existing propagation model and, if needed, request model optimization.
• Knows how to manipulate and adjust the propagation models in the prediction software with drive test data, in order to provide a more accurate design.
• Able to teach others on how to optimize the Ericsson propagation models

2.7 Network Impact of Mobile Terminals

General knowledge about the properties of (most common) terminal brands/types, known problems and certain features.

• Has a wide range of information on different models of mobile phones, not only from Ericsson but also from other manufacturers
• Knowledge about Short Message Service (SMS), data and applications

2.8 Speech Quality
Knowledge about the relation between network performance and subscriber perceived speech quality.

• Good knowledge in different speech quality factors such as FER, SQI and others.
• Has good knowledge in speech coding & channel algorithms and usage of equalizer.

2.9 Antennas & ANP

Knowledge about antennas and antenna near part products

• Knowledge of different antenna products
• Has the ability to understand and interpret product description and specifications
• Understands how amplifiers and filters influence the link budget
• Has the capability to choose and decide what antennas and/or antenna near products are suitable in a cellular network, whether for a nominal plan and/or live network
• Has the understanding of the effects and drawbacks of different antennas and antenna near products in a cellular network
• Knowledge about different antenna implementations (distributed antenna systems, leaky feeders etc.)
• Has the capability to conduct experiments on different antenna configuration, like antenna down tilts and re-orientation, to solve network related problems

2.10 Site Selection

General knowledge on performing a site survey for the site selection process.

• Has a deep knowledge of the site selection process (e.g. Site Search Form, Site Acquisition Report, Site Acceptance Form), and the responsibilities and tasks of the other parties (transmission, civil works etc) involved in this procedure.
• Good knowledge of Antenna Systems and Radio Wave Propagation (e.g. impacts of antenna positioning, obstacles, different environments)
• Independently performs the task with high quality results
• Has performed site surveys in different geographical environments
• Global knowledge about the requirements when selecting sites, not only in the areas of RF but also in the areas of infrastructure, transmission and others
• Ability to act as a project leader for the RF part in a site acquisition project
Job summary: Job: Radio Network Engineers Jobs Kiev Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev, Eastern Europe, , category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 37
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