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Job Details
Posted - 29/11/2007


Company Telephone Systems International
Job Type Any Job Type
Job Category Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Salary N/A
Location Fort Lee, USA
Region: North America
Education Bachelor's Degree
Work Experience Any
Job Reference


• This key \"front-line\" person is on-the-scene at every kind of event (governmental affairs – UN, White House, State Dept. etc.)
• Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy events to write news stories for publication or broadcast: Receives assignment or evaluates news leads and news tips to develop story idea.
• Gathers and verifies factual information regarding story through interview, observation, and research.
• Organizes material, determines slant or emphasis, and writes story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards.
• May monitor police and fire department radio communications to obtain story leads.
• May take photographs or shoot video to illustrate stories. May edit, or assist in editing, videos for broadcast.
• May appear on television program when conducting taped or filmed interviews or narration.
• May give live reports from site of event or mobile broadcast unit.
• May be assigned to outlying areas or foreign countries and be designated Correspondent
• Monitoring news feeds, preparing news packages for voicing by anchors or reporters
• Researching story information
• Booking guests for live interviews on news shows and producing segments of news programs.
• Conducting Interviews
• Attending events


• Fluent in English, Dari & Pashtu
• 5+ years experience in television reporting
• Bachelors in Journalism, Communications, or any relevant area
• Excellent written and verbal communication
• Capable of working quickly and accurately to sum up the key elements of the story and make it understandable and relevant to the audience.
Job summary: Job: Reporter USA, Fort Lee, North America, Telephone Systems International, category: Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 30
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