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Job Details
Unicorn Communications Inc.
Posted - 30/12/2007

Construction Camp Food Manager

Company Unicorn Communications Inc.
Job Type Full-Time Employment
Job Category Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Salary N/A
Location All, India
Region: South Central Asia
Education Any
Work Experience Any
Job Reference
Details Job #8007A-GSM-IN-H
Summary. Food Services Manager function in every aspect of food preparation, administration, procurement, storage, distribution, cooking, baking, and serving. Typical duties are preparing fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry for cooking; seasoning food, baking of bread and pastry products; the manufacturing of ice cream and other frozen desserts.
As the Food Services Manager to estimate needs, menu changes, special dietary ramifications of particular meals, and to order, receive and store foodstuffs and supplies.
1. Give instructions to and monitor the work of the prep cooks, ensuring that the meal is served on time, in the proper quantity, and up to standards of quality and sanitation.
2. Oversee seasoning of dishes.
3. Function as general all-around cook for meals and special events.
4. Short orders cook or bake as needed.
5. Work as part of the team to maintain sanitary & safety standards.
6. Assist in preparation of meals by performing any combination of the following tasks:
a. wash, peel, cut vegetables and fruit
b. prepare salads
c. prepare breads, crackers, condiments, etc
d. slice and grate cheese
e. prepare and/or assist with preparation of entrees, soup, side dishes, baked goods
f. prepare drinks
7. Meal service duties:
a. delivers food to tables at the beginning of the meal
b. serve at \"window\" during meal times (for seconds & special requests)
c. properly store left-overs at end of each meal
d. oversee meal clean-up, as needed
e. table setting prior to meal, as needed
f. assist in transport and set-up of dinners or food for special events
8. Kitchen maintenance and up-keep tasks such as:
a. stocking, rotating stock
b. empty trash, compost and recyclable on a regular basis
c. fold and store kitchen laundry, prepare used linens for pick-up by laundry service
d. receive and put away deliveries, helping unload truck as needed
e. wash pots, pans, dishes between meals (manual and machine wash)
f. set up prewash station prior to meal clean-up
g. sweep and mop kitchen floor
h. make sure counters, sinks, and washing area are kept clean
9. Prepare food for \"take-out\" for team daily lunch and other special events
10. Assist in any area of kitchen or dining hall.
11. Plan, organize, coordinate and lead food service personnel in the cooking, baking and serving of foods in a cafeteria.
12. Plan and develop work schedules.
13. Coordinate and assign the activities of food service personnel, and in the maintenance of the food service facility and equipment.
14. Lead the menu planning and standardized recipes.
15. Maintain the food-service facility in a clean, neat, safe and sanitary condition.
16. Participate in the preparation and serving of food items, as needed.
17. Review, inspect and taste foods to determine quality, appearance and edibility.
18. Implement and maintain quality and portion control procedures.
19. Organize and coordinate the preparation of hot and cold foods for delivery to other food service units.
20. Inspect and review the food preparation and serving areas to ensure that appropriate cleanliness and sanitation standards are maintained.
21. Order appropriate quantities of foodstuffs, supplies and materials.
22. Receive, inspect, organize and lead in preparation of foodstuffs, supplies and materials for storage.
23. Responsible for inventory control.
24. Establish a systematized procedure for the use of foodstuff, supplies and materials to ensure adherence to appropriate shelf-life standards.
25. Lead the orientation and in-service training of food-service personnel.
26. Establish and maintain a variety of operational records and prepare reports and summaries as required.
27. Lead the planning and preparation of banquet and catering types of service.
28. Provide technical input into the performance evaluation of food service personnel.
29. Perform operational analyses and recommend function improvements.
30. Serve food items to staff.
31. Operate a variety of kitchen equipment including mixer, slicer, dishwasher, warmer, ovens and other equipment.
32. Oversee the proper stock levels at serving tables.
1. Physical ability to lift, unload, move food and supplies; lift dishes to their storage location
2. Sensory ability to determine cleanliness of dishes, food contact surfaces, and kitchen area, in addition to assessing condition of food.
3. Cognitive and physical ability to operate electrical and mechanical kitchen equipment safely (dish washer, food processors, blenders, etc.).
4. Ability to communicate with staff and youth, and provide necessary instruction and training.
5. Cognitive and communication abilities to conduct necessary functions of kitchen management.
6. Ability to communicate to staff and youths the safety regulations and emergency procedures in case of the need for evaluation of dining hall.
Employee Type: Permanent
Salary Type: Exempt
Salary Range: Market
Travel: 100%
Refer to Project Policies for additional company policies as it applies to this specific project and respective working conditions.
Job summary: Job: Construction Camp Food Manager India , All, South Central Asia, Unicorn Communications Inc., category: Other Jobs in Telecom Industry Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 59
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