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  • Didit Hermawan
    CV Didit_H [LTE RF Optimzation]
  • Dico Diaz
    Telecom Engineer
  • Himanshu Arya
    Microwave Installation and Commissioning
  • Foray Alexandru
  • Benedict Sarmiento
    4 years of diversified experience in Telecommunications, from Wireless, Transmission Engineering, and Implementation to Drive Testing and RF Optimization

Job Details
Posted - 15/11/2007


Company Nokia Siemens
Job Type Contract Job
Job Category 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Salary N/A
Location All
Education Bachelor's Degree
Work Experience 2-5 years
Job Reference
Job summary: Job: 3g All, , Nokia Siemens, category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Candidates suitable for this job: 73
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